For the first time ever, Island View Orientation implemented a two-track system. The Red-Silver Track system reflects our University colors in a creative and intentional way. This system allows us to offer the same small-group feel to more incoming students during orientation. In the Red-Silver Track system, we had two orientation leaders for each of the nine Dimensions of Development. The Dimensions of Development assist students holistically as they engage in self-reflection and continuous improvement over time.

The 2012 orientation leaders are listed below in their Dimension of Development, listing the Red Track orientation leader first in each dimension, and the Silver second.

Values and Integrity

Jillian Glassett

Being an orientation leader helped me grow and learn as a person. I have developed confidence in myself and the work I do, as well as a deeper pride for my school and the people that come here. Having students from Island View Orientation come up and say hi with a wave and smile makes me feel that I made a difference to them, and to me that is enough.

Lundon Templeton

Orientation was an O-mazing experience for me this summer! I had the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful freshman and transfer student transition into this fine institution. I would recommend this position to anyone who is interested in networking and experiencing the uniqueness of the campus.


Brennan Wood

Being an orientation leader was a great way to learn more about the campus and how it functions. Working with incoming students was awesome, and I was excited to help them with their transition to CI.

Nsomah Apambire

Orientation was, hands down, one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had. I became a well-rounded person and helped make an impact in the CI community. I enjoyed being able to help incoming students feel welcome in our school and being a resource for them. It was amazing to know that I made a difference.


Jessica Adolf

Being an orientation leader was quite the adventure. The set-up, the orientation, meeting new people, all these things and more are what made this experience memorable. Along with the events being unforgettable, the skills I learned and refined are, and will continue, to prove useful in helping me achieve my career goals. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to aid the incoming students and show everyone the pride I have for being a student at CI.

Christopher Bombara

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be an orientation leader for the past two summers. It has allowed me to meet so many great people that I am happy to call my friends and mentors. I also enjoy being able to work with the students as they begin their journey here at CI.


Sophia Saidoff

My experience as an orientation leader has allowed me to flourish as an individual and as a student here at CI. Through my experience I have learned the values of leadership, teamwork and determination. One of my most memorable moments was welcoming the new students and parents to the CI family and helping them transition. By being involved on campus I discovered that I am truly passionate and dedicated to my education and to my school. Being an orientation leader was an amazing experience and something that I will cherish forever.

Ryan Porter

The orientation leader experience helped me to develop as a professional, a mentor, a student, and an all around more social person. I felt like I was part of the University mission statement to place students at the center of their educational experience. I was able to be there to welcome and support the students and introduce them to CI. Orientation gave me the opportunity to be such an important part of the school and to be a representative to a new set of students. I will never forget the gratitude of the many students I was able to personally help and feel welcomed at CI.


Jennifer Calderon

Being an orientation leader this summer was such an amazing and unique opportunity! I met and collaborated with wonderful people, learned and experienced leadership, and built lasting relationships with my team. I loved serving the incoming students and sharing with them my knowledge and passion for this University. I developed both as an individual and a professional. I am very grateful to have been a part of this memorable experience.

Christopher “Milo” Alfarero

Orientation has immensely helped me on my quest to further develop my leadership skills, add to my network of professional contacts, and further establish my life within CI. I had a lot of fun throughout my time as an orientation leader. Throughout orientation, I had many moments when I realized that I made a difference to at least one student, from the nervousness of one student being away from her family to another student questioning the safety of LGBT individuals. Those are the moments when I can rest easily knowing I have truly lived the CI way.


Rhonna Horney

Participating in orientation is one of the best opportunities I have ever received. Not only did I grow as a student leader on campus, but I grew as a person as a whole. While being part of orientation staff for two years in a row I had the great opportunity to meet hundreds of people and work with many of our professional staff across campus. Being able to be a resource for incoming students, and most of them actually taking advantage of you, is the best feeling I've ever experienced and one to truly cherish.

Jennifer Soloman

Over this past summer as an orientation leader I learned so much, not only about our amazing University but also about how I can help myself and others prosper here at CI. I am truly thankful for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to always growing as a leader and person. I can honestly say and I am proud to be a CI dolphin.


Tiarah Jibri

My experience with orientation has had a tremendous impact on my life as a student, a leader, and most of all it helped me to be a well-rounded person. Being an orientation leader has taught me that to make a difference, you do not have to make an impact on a huge group of people; it takes one to make a difference, even if it influences only one person. I have continued working with orientation, now as a student assistant for New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs.

Johneka Johnson

As an orientation leader, I felt very accomplished and I feel people can now look up to me because I am a leader. I know I’m not perfect but I hope I can be a leader to most people and that my students also see me as a friend, someone they can talk to if they need anything. Being an orientation leader made me h4er as an individual. I would have to say orientation was the best job I ever had!


Jason Torres

My experience as an orientation leader was great! I learned so much about the campus and how to help new students transition into the University. We had a great team that I know I will keep in contact with and I made lasting connections with staff. Overall, I feel orientation helped me grow as a leader.

Micah Cookes

Being an orientation leader has changed my view of CI. I no longer just go to school at Channel Islands, I now feel as if I am a part of the CI family. From boxes, to t-shirts, to name tags, I could not be any more grateful to have had this experience.

Life and Career Planning

Markell Bishop

Being an orientation leader really helped me get out of my shell and grow overall. I learned how to be a part of a team and realized that it's okay to ask others for help. Orientation also taught me that stepping out of my comfort zone isn't necessarily a bad thing and that a lot of good things can come from that. Orientation is an experience like no other and one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Amanda McMurray

This past summer helped me to grow so much as a person and as a student leader. Seeing the pride and love for CI on the faces of the new students is an image that will stay in my heart forever. Being an orientation leader led me to fully understand what it means to be a dolphin!

Senior Orientation Leader

Sara Sanders

When I experienced orientation as a freshman I knew immediately that I wanted to be an orientation leader (OL). Being an OL got me connected and pumped up about the school in a way I never thought possible. I met staff and faculty I never thought I would get the opportunity to work with, I saw sides of the school I did not even know existed, and I had the opportunity to share my passion and love for CI with incoming students. I would recommend this experience to anyone, even if it doesn’t seem “for you” it is an experience that can be applied to any person’s life and help take you to that next step.

The Orientation Leaders of Island View Orientation XI