The Ombuds Office is an impartial and safe space to address any workplace issue. The Ombuds Office maintains no records identifying any individual who visits or works with the University Ombuds. Moreover, the Ombuds will not disclose your information and the University will not seek information about any visitor, except to the extent CSU Executive Orders 1095, 1096 and 1097 limit ombuds confidentiality for incidents of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. In these cases, the University Ombuds will work with you to facilitate CSU-mandated reporting. There will be no surprises.

Appointments: Ombuds Scheduling. Appointments can be anonymous and you can use a non-work email and private phone to make an appointment. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, confidential meetings are only held over videoconfernece or telephone, or through "taking a walk" outside. This is to minimize the need for contact tracing disclosure of individual identities.

Phone: 805-437-3283

Email: Please do not email confidential or sensitive information. The Ombuds Office cannot protect confidentiality over email.

Location: University Hall Room 1623, which is located at the East end of University Hall near the Michele Serros exhibit near Entrance 39. Confidential meetings are not held in the Ombuds Office.

Mailing address: University Hall 1623, 1 University Drive, Camarillo, California 93012-8599

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