Program Curriculum

CI Connect will engage Cohort members in learning through lectures, panel discussions and behind-the-scenes site visits. Each session will focus on one Division.

Program Sustainability

To ensure program sustainability, Cohort members will be asked for a two-year commitment. For the first year, Cohort members will attend the nine sessions to engage with colleagues and learn more about the campus and the interconnected work being done to support CSUCI’s Mission. For the second year, members will be asked to help organize and implement CI Connect through:

  1.  Assisting in the facilitation of one of the CI Connect sessions.
  2. Serving as a mentor to an incoming Cohort member. Mentors will be from a different Division than the mentee. Mentors will be responsible for engaging with their mentee shortly following each monthly session to connect with their mentees and provide a personal space for the mentees to process through and reflect on each session
  3. Serving on one of the following committees:
    1. Selection Committee: This committee will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting the following year’s Cohort, as well as selecting mentors for the incoming Cohort.
    2. Program Committee: This committee will be responsible for determining the theme, program content and working with Divisions for individual sessions.