The Presidential Medallion is the highest honor bestowed by CI’s campus President.

  • Wm. Gregory Sawyer

    Honored August 2, 2016

    Wm. Gregory Sawyer serves as the founding Vice President for Student Affairs for CSU Channel Islands. Sawyer has dedicated and demonstrated his leadership through his efforts to hiring, developing and encouraging a diverse student-centered and student-focused Student Affairs Division, which fosters an inclusive and collegial learning environment.

  • Kirsten Moss

    Honored June 2016

    While serving as CI's Associate Director of Access, Orientation and Transition, Kirsten Moss was an integral part of the Center for Multicultural Engagement. She is recognized for her dedication to the CI community.

  • Gayle E. Hutchinson

    Gayle E. Hutchinson stood as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at CI. Hutchinson now holds the distinguished position as President at California State University Chico.

  • George Morten

    George Morton served as the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. Aside from his many roles on the CI campus, he also served as Dean of Student Life. Morten is recognized for his contributions in shaping the unique culture that is the CI Way through his great dedication to the CI community.

  • Therese S. Eyermann

    Therese Eyermann received this award in recognition to her great contribution to CI during her time as Chief of Staff to the President and serving as the Interim Operations Officer for Advancement. Eyermann now chairs the Educational Leadership Masters and Doctoral programs at California Lutheran University, where she resides as the Distinguished Faculty Fellow.

  • Joanne Coville

    Joanne Coville was hired in 2001 and served as the Vice President for Finance and Administration up until 2011. Coville was recognized for her immense contributions to the development of CI.

  • J. Handel Evans

    Honored August 17, 2002

    J. Handel Evans was the inaugural recipient of the Presidential Medallion, the highest honor bestowed by the University President. Evans played a key role in the establishment of CSU Channel Islands and was recognized through this award for his hard work in building community support and lobbying for funds to open the University. J. Handel Evans stood as Planning President, from 1996-2001.