Background and Charge

Given the unpredictability of ongoing financial support broadly for higher education, CSUCI must determine how to ensure that we have the necessary economic and physical resources to meet the needs of a growing population of students and the University’s ongoing commitment to our region.

The Capacity and Sustainability Subcommittee is charged with identifying the most pressing priorities and key opportunities CSUCI needs to pursue to continue to grow while maintaining the University’s commitment to excellence, equity and inclusion.

Draft Proposals  

Please note: the numbering of proposals is for organizational purposes only. It does not indicate the subcommittee’s prioritization of one proposal over another.

If you would like additional information, please contact Dusty Russell at

 Subcommittee Membership

  • Ysabel Trinidad, Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • Nichole Ipach, Vice President for University Advancement
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • John Gormley (BFA-Staff)
  • Alissa Blough (UA-Staff)
  • Cindy Derrico (DSA-Staff)
  • Jill Leafstedt (DAA-Staff)
  • Susan Andrzejewski (DAA - Faculty)
  • Geovannie Rosales (Student)