Background and Charge

Given the many academic and co-curricular choices students have as they seek to achieve their academic goals, while also balancing other work/life obligations, and as they consider a multitude of career paths, CSUCI must determine how to ensure our students have access to the information they need when they need it.

The Communicating Clear Curricular Pathways Subcommittee is charged with identifying three or four steps CSUCI needs to implement or pilot in spring 2018 to ensure that students receive information regarding their progress, academic goals and career objectives in timely and easily accessible ways.


Draft Proposals 

Please note: the order of the proposals does not indicate the subcommittee’s prioritization of one proposal over another.  

If you would like additional information, please contact Scott Frisch at or 805-437-2770.

Subcommittee Membership

  • Geoff Chase, Provost
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • Karina Hinojosa, Student Government President
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • Rosario Cuevas, Staff Council Chair
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • Scott Frisch (DAA-AVP Academic Programs/Planning)
  • Jennifer Whaley (Student)
  • Ernesto Guerrero (DAA-Director of Academic Advising)
  • Stephany Rodriguez (DAA-Enrollment Management)
  • Elizabeth Sowers (DAA-Faculty, Sociology)
  • Aaron McColpin (DAA-Faculty, Nursing)
  • Nancy Gill (DUA-Senior Executive Director of University Communication)