SISC Overview & Charge

In spring 2017, President Beck established the Strategic Initiatives Steering Committee (SISC). This committee is chaired by the Provost and includes the Student Government President, Academic Senate Chair, Staff Council Chair, a faculty member and Cabinet members. The SISC is charged with sponsoring campus-wide conversations to develop, refine, prioritize and recommend strategic initiatives to the President.

Based on work initiated last spring, the SISC has outlined four key subcommittees that, in addition to the President’s Task Force on Inclusive Excellence convened by President Beck and Chaired by Jose Alamillo, will work to develop proposals, projects and action plans that can be implemented as early as spring 2018. During the fall semester, these four subcommittees (Capacity and Sustainability, Integrative Excellence, Academic Placement and Support, and Communicating Clear Curricular Pathways) will host conversations with faculty, staff and students, to develop strategic initiatives that we can take at CSUCI. Once established, these initiatives will be the basis for which campus priorities and related activities are determined, planned for and implemented. 

2017-2018 Meeting Timeline

September 12  SISC Meeting 
September 192 -4 p.m.

FIT Studio -Solano Hall 1201

Strategic Initiatives Subcommittees Planning and Charge MeetingTemplate for Projects and Proposals 
October 10  SISC Meeting 
November 7-10  Strategic Initiatives All-Campus Town Hall 
November 21  SISC Meeting 

SISC Membership

SISC Chair, Provost - Geoff Chase
Student Government President - Karina Hinojosa
Faculty Senate Chair -Virgil Adams
Faculty Representative - Marie Francois
Staff Council Chair - Rosario Cuevas
Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs - Ysabel Trinidad
Vice President for Student Affairs - Wm. Gregory Sawyer
Vice President for Technology & Innovation - Michael Berman
Vice President for University Advancement - Nichole Ipach
Chief of Staff - Genevieve Evans Taylor

Strategic Initiatives Subcommittees

Capacity and Sustainability

Subcommittee Leads: Ysabel Trinidad, Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs, and Nichole Ipach, Vice President for University Advancement

Subcommittee Members: John Gormley (BFA-Staff), Alissa Blough (UA-Staff), Cindy Derrico (DSA-Staff), Jill Leafstedt (DAA-Staff), Susan Andrzejewski (DAA - Faculty) and  Geovannie Rosales (Student)

Background: Given the unpredictability of ongoing financial support broadly for higher education, how will CSUCI ensure that we have the necessary economic and physical resources to meet the needs of a growing population of students and the University’s ongoing commitment to our region?

Charge: What are the most pressing priorities or key opportunities CSUCI needs to pursue to continue to grow while maintaining the University’s commitment to excellence, equity and inclusion?

Integrative Excellence

Subcommittee Leads: Wm. Gregory Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Marie Francois, Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies

Subcommittee Members: Richard Pineda (DAA-STEM Outreach),  Sean Kelly (DAA-Faculty-SURF), Mia Fernandez (Student Government), Lynette Landry (DAA-Nursing Chair), Gary Gordon (DSA-Staff), Amanda Carpenter (DSA-Staff), Monica Periera (DAA-Library, Faculty) and Julia Balen (DAA-Faculty, English)

Background: Recognizing CSUCI’s commitment to the four pillars (community engagement,integrative studies, international affairs, and multicultural engagement), for undergraduate research, equity and inclusion, how will CSUCI develop key initiatives that seek to integrate these commitments?

Charge: What are three or four initiatives CSUCI can launch that will reflect the intellectual commitments of our University while also making a significant impact on the engagement and success of our students?

Academic Placement and Support

Subcommittee Leads: Virgil Adams, Academic Senate Chair, Michael Berman, Vice President for Technology & Innovation, and Genevieve Evans Taylor, Chief of Staff

Subcommittee Members:  Ginger Reyes (DAA-Enrollment Management), Cindy Wyels (DAA-Faculty, Math), Chelsea Lincoln (Student), Sohui Lee (DAA-Faculty, Library), Steve Stratton (DAA-Faculty, Library), Monica Rivas (DAA-Staff, Academic Advising) and Helen Alatorre (DSA-Staff) 

Background: In the wake of the elimination of remedial courses and placement tests (ELM and EPT), how will CSUCI ensure that incoming students, both first-time freshmen and transfers, are appropriately identified, placed into critical courses and supported to meet the high standards of academic achievement?

Charge: What are three or four steps CSUCI needs to implement or pilot in spring 2018 to move forward to achieve the goal of meeting students’ needs while also maintaining high academic standards?

Communicating Clear Curricular Pathways

Subcommittee Leads: Geoff Chase, Provost, Karina Hinojosa, Student Government President, and Rosario Cuevas, Staff Council Chair

Subcommittee Members: Scott Frisch (DAA-AVP Academic Programs/Planning), Jennifer Whaley (Student), Ernesto Gurrero (DAA-Director of Academic Advising), Stephany Rodriguez (DAA-Enrollment Management), Elizabeth Sowers (DAA-Faculty, Sociology), Aaron McColpin (DAA-Faculty Nursing) and Nancy Gill (Director of Communications & Marketing)  

Background: Given the many academic and co-curricular choices students have as they seek to achieve their academic goals, while also balancing other work/life obligations, and as they consider a multitude of career paths, how will CSUCI ensure that that our students have access to the information they need when they need it?

Charge: What are three or four steps CSUCI needs to implement or pilot in spring 2018 to ensure that students receive information regarding their progress, academic goals and career objectives in timely and easily accessible ways?


Fall 2017 Survey 

Connection to CSUCI Strategic Plan

The work of the committee and the campus in identifying strategic initiatives is considered the next step in planning how the campus will realize the vision of the existing University Strategic Plan (PDF, 2.1MB). Strategic Initiatives will be broadly defined, but fall under the already identified University Strategic Priorities (Facilitate Student Success, Provide High Quality Education, and Realize our Future).