Background and Charge

Recognizing CSUCI’s commitment to the four pillars (community engagement, integrative studies, international affairs, and multicultural engagement), for undergraduate research, and to equity and inclusion, CSUCI must look to continue to develop key initiatives that seek to integrate these commitments.

The Integrative Excellence Subcommittee is charged with identifying three or four initiatives CSUCI can launch, reinforce or reconfigure that will reflect the intellectual commitments of our University while also making a significant impact on the engagement and success of our students.

Draft Proposals

Please note: the order of the proposals does not indicate the subcommittee’s prioritization of one proposal over another.    

If you would like additional information, please contact Maria Francois at

Subcommittee Membership

  • Vice President for Student Affairs
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • Marie Francois, Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies
    (Subcommittee Lead)
  • Richard Pineda (DAA-Student)
  • Sean Kelly (DAA-Faculty-SURF)
  • Mia Fernandez (Student Government)
  • Lynette Landry (DAA-Nursing Chair)
  • Gary Gordon (DSA-Staff)
  • Amanda Carpenter (DSA-Staff)
  • Monica Periera (DAA-Library, Faculty)
  • Julia Balen (DAA-Faculty, English)