The STEM Center offers free, drop-in tutoring for all gateway STEM courses. The center supports some upper division STEM courses (check the schedules below for availability). The STEM Center also provides students with access to: STEM textbooks; anatomical models; and laptops.


Starting August 31st, the STEM Center will re-open for tutoring services, all of which will be delivered through our ONLINE Zoom Tutoring Room through the end of the semester. The STEM Center will be discontinuing all face-to-face tutoring to support social distancing efforts and precautionary measures for our campus community. Please check our most recent schedules for up-to-date tutor availability.

Location and Spring 2020 Hours:

The STEM center is located in El Dorado Hall
Tutoring begins the second week of classes

Tutoring in STEM Subjects is also available at the Learning Resource Center in the Broome Library.

Additional Tutoring Services at CI

If you have questions about the STEM Center or would like more information, please contact us!

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