Fire Safety Report (PDF, 126KB)

2017 Fire Safety Report

Fire Safety Disclosures

Fire safety regulations, for the purposes of this report, focus exclusively on on-campus student housing facilities.  CSUCI is required to: (1) maintain a log of all reported fires that occur in on-campus student housing facilities; (2) publish an annual fire safety report that contains fire safety policies and fire statistics for each of those facilities; and (3) submit fire statistics to the federal Department of Education.

Fire Safety Systems

Fire Safety Systems in the four on-campus student housing facilities - Anacapa Village, Santa Cruz Village, Santa Rosa Village, and the Town Center – include: (1) fire alarm monitoring; (2) sprinkler systems; (3) smoke/heat detectors;  (4) fire alarm pull stations (5) fire extinguishers; (6) evacuation plans displayed; (7) fire/evacuation drill each calendar year; and (8) emergency telephones.

Fire Drills

One fire drill – defined as a supervised practice of a mandatory evacuation of a building for a fire – was conducted in each housing facility during the 2016 calendar year.

Policies or Rules on Portable Electric Appliances, Smoking and Open Flames

Cooking and/or cooking equipment such as toaster ovens, electric grills, etc. are to be stored and used in designated kitchen areas of Anacapa Village, and G building common area kitchens.  Cooking in Santa Rosa Village and Santa Cruz Village bedrooms or suite areas, and Anacapa Village and Town Center bedrooms or living rooms is not allowed.

Heated elements which could be left unattended for long periods of time and require heat to release scent are prohibited.  Open-coiled electric or heating appliances such as space heaters and sun lamps are prohibited.  All allowed ‘heat source’ equipment, such as curling/flat irons, glue guns, irons, etc. must be attended to at all times.  Leaving equipment on while unattended is a serious fire risk.  Halogen lamps and neon lights are prohibited.  Extension cords and power strips/surge protectors must have a UL rating.  “Piggy-backing” power strips are prohibited.

Candles, incense and/or any type of open flame within or adjacent to any student housing facility is prohibited.  Candles, for any purpose, are prohibited.

As of August 23, 2017, CSUCI is a smoke and tobacco-free campus. The following is not allowed on University property, including within student housing facilities:

  • Use of any smoke-emitting products including cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, hookahs, e-cigarettes, vapor devices, or similar products.
  • Tobacco and nicotine use in any form whether smoked, heated, chewed, absorbed, dissolved, inhaled, snorted, sniffed, or ingested by any other means. FDA approved tobacco cessation products when used for this purpose are exempt.

Student Housing Evacuation Procedures

In the event a fire alarm sounds students and others must: (1) remain calm; (2) leave the building at once using the nearest visibly safe stairway exit – do not return to your room first – never use an elevator when the fire alarm is sounding; (3) go directly to the nearest official gathering spot for your facility; (4) do not return to the building until given the all clear signal by a CSUCI official, even if the alarm stops sounding.

Fire Safety Education and Training Programs

Fire Safety education information for all students living in on-campus housing, and all employees that have any association with on-campus student housing, is provided in the Resident’s ABC Manual.

Fire Safety education signs are periodically displayed throughout the various facilities.  Sign topics include: (1) evacuation procedures; (2) how to use a fire extinguisher; (3) prohibited items; (4) smoking rules; and (5) steps to take when a fire is reported.

Reporting Extinguished Fires

Any fire that occurs in an on-campus student housing facility, regardless of size, that has been extinguished, must be reported immediately reported to Housing’s Main Office at 805-437-2733 and to University Police at 805-437-8444.

Future Improvements in Fire Safety

CSUCI has adopted the National Incident Management System for all of its emergency events.  The adoption of NIMS requires after action corrective reports be completed in order to assess response procedures and identify possible improvements that can be implemented for future events.

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