Letter Grade to Credit/No Credit Grading Options

In response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, Academic Senate has passed a resolution providing all students with the choice to change their individual course grading basis from a Letter Grade (A-F) basis to a Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) basis for Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Courses initially offered as CR/NC will remain CR/NC.

Students should weigh this option carefully and should consult with an academic advisor, major advisor, and financial aid counselors if they are receiving aid.  For some students, it is important to understand that a CR/NC option can impact their long-term financial aid.  Please review the FAQ before submitting requests to change your grading basis.

How to opt-in for CR/NC “Credit/No Credit” for a class

There are two options available to students:

Option 1:

A student can update their grading basis to CR/NC in CI Records for Spring 2021 courses beginning February 24, 2021 and ending May 14, 2021.  Grading basis changes in CI Records are available for Summer Session A through June 24, 2021 and for Summer Session B through August 5, 2021.  No faculty approval will be required and students can choose on a course-by-course basis which courses they would like to convert to a CR/NC grading basis.

CI Records Grade Option Guide (PDF, 295KB)

Note: If you receive an error using the self-service option (e.g. exceeding maximum session unit limit), please use the Grading Basis Change Form under Option 2 and send it to registrar@csuci.edu.

Option 2:

Students may also request a change of grading basis from letter grade (A-F) to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) after the self-service deadline.  Additionally, if a student changed their grading basis from letter grade to CR/NC during the self-service period, they may use the Grading Basis Change Form to request to revert back to a letter grade. To make this request, complete the form below and e-mail it to registrar@csuci.edu. Students must send from their university e-mail address.

Spring 2021 Grading Basis Change Form (PDF, 989KB)

Deadline for Spring 2021 Grading Basis Change Forms:  June 25, 2021

Summer 2021 Grading Basis Change Form (PDF, 989KB)

Deadline for Summer 2021 (all sessions) Grading Basis Change Forms:  September 3, 2021

Note: If you are submitting your Grading Basis Change Form before grades post for the semester, the grade that initially posts may be your prior grading basis. The Registrar's Office will update as quickly as possible and notify you via your university e-mail address.

FAQ: Credit/No Credit Options

CR/NC Grading Basis FAQ

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