Academic Field Trip Guidelines and Forms

Field trips are defined as mandatory or voluntary activities outside the regularly scheduled class room/laboratory environment, arranged and led by a faculty or staff member. Field trips include travel within the continental United States.

Academic Field Trip

Internship Placement Agreement Templates and Approval Process

Pursuant to Administrative Directive 70-1, all internship placement agreements, contracts and Memoranda of Understanding must be submitted to the office of the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs no less than two weeks prior to the date the agreement or agreement takes effect or the fully executed document is due. Originators of these documents must plan accordingly when initiating new projects or when proposing new placement agreements or contracts with non-University entities.

Internship Placement Agreements

Motor Vehicle Use and Accidents

CSU participates in the State Motor Vehicle Self Insurance Account (SMVIA). This program provides automobile liability coverage to state employees who drive State-owned vehicles on University business.

Motor Vehicle Use and Accidents


The University must commit sufficient resources for effective management of the volunteers. Volunteers should be trained and supervised. Management and training of University volunteers should be documented.


International Travel Procedures and the Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP)

All faculty, students an staff traveling internationally on CSU business or CSU-sponsored trips are required to utilize the CSU's Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) coverage.

Foreign Travel Insurance Program