Purpose Statement

Retention, Outreach & Inclusive Services (ROI) creates and fosters an inclusive campus community that cultivates a welcoming and supportive environment for all students with an emphasis on the wellbeing and success of marginalized student populations. ROI promotes intellectual and personal growth, through academic support, mentoring, outreach, educational trainings, programs, and retention initiatives. Retention, Outreach & Inclusive Services advocates for diversity at CSUCI through our commitment to inclusive excellence, equity and justice.

Area Values

Student Retention

Provide student centered programs, services and initiatives that support and promote student academic success towards timely graduation (4 year goal).

Student Engagement

Connecting students to social/academic opportunities and experiences that enhance their sense of belonging, curiosity, interests, passions and development throughout their CSUCI collegiate experience.

Student Development

Provide student learning opportunities and experiences that enhance and promote intellectual, emotional, personal, cultural and professional growth.

Diversity Education

Engage students in teaching/learning experiences that explore cultural awareness, diverse perspectives, intersectionality, etc.  

Inclusive Excellence

Cultivating a community mindset that values, engages and honors the rich diversity of all our students, staff and faculty.

Key ROI Programs and Services

  • Academic Support
  • Student Training
  • Summer Programs
  • Cultural Heritage Months
  • Financial Aid Support
  • Mentorship

Your Feedback Welcome!

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to on-going and continuous improvement. As part of our evaluation process, we invite you to share feedback regarding your experience with our programs, services and staff support by completing the Division of Student Affairs Feedback Form.

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