Incoming first time CSUCI college students are invited to participate in a 3-day FREE program designed to share many of the skills, resources and strategies you will need to be successful at CSUCI. The African American Outreach & Transitions Academy was created to empower students and focus on their strength to optimize learning in a university environment. Our goal is to provide an experience that will insure your personal growth and academic success during your CSUCI collegiate experience. In addition, we are committed to connecting student to faculty and staff mentors to help them overcome obstacles and navigate their success toward the ultimate goals of graduation. 

First-time college students are invited to actively engage in a 3- day transitions academy where they will:

  • Explore CSUCI campus resources

  • Learn strategies and skills to prepare for success in college level courses

  • Get to know CSUCI peers, faculty, and staff, meet potential mentors

  • Enhance critical thinking skills through self-exploration and self-awareness activities

Students who complete the program will be better prepared for their first year at CSUCI and receive a $250 Book voucher to assist with purchase of their books.

Dates: Tuesday, July 30th 3:00 pm - Friday, August 2nd 5:00 pm

Participants attend the full duration of the academy to receive the Book voucher. 

To register and reserve your space for the academy, please RSVP.

Students will reside on campus and participate in a number of activities and workshops.  Meals will be provided.

A sample itinerary is below:

Tuesday, July 30th from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm - Check In

July 31st 
Thursday, August 1stFriday,
August 2nd
Group BreakfastGroup BreakfastGroup Breakfast
Charting Your Success: Time & Life Management WorkshopCharting Your Success: Your Vision PlanCharting Your Success: Planning Your Success Step by Step Workshop
Strengths Quest: Accessing your strengthsStrengths Quest: Focusing on your strengthsStrengths Quest: Using your strength to enhance your success
Career DevelopmentOvercoming Obstacles to College SuccessConflict Management
Library Resources WorkshopDeveloping Positive CampusDefining Your Purpose
Let's Talk Questions & Concerns RoundtableRecreation TimeRecreation Time
Dinner DinnerClosing Ceremony/Check Out
Peer Mentor DiscussionDesigning Your Success 

Disability Statement: If you are a student with a disability requesting reasonable accommodations in this program, please visit Disability Accommodations and Support Services (DASS) located on the second floor of Arroyo Hall, or call 805-437-3331. All requests for reasonable accommodations require registration with DASS in advance of need. You can apply for DASS services online

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