About the Program

Faculty and Staff on campus can choose to take part in our ally program to serve as allies to undocumented students on campus. The program offers three levels of training so that individiuals can choose how involved they want to be and how much in depth knowledge they want. Each level requires a two hour training workshop and will be available throughout the academic year. Each level grows and relies on information from the previous training so anyone who wants to reach Gold level must complete the Bronze and Silver trainings first. Once you complete a level of training you will be asked to attend one ally training workshop every other year in order to maintain ally status. 

Student Employee Ally List (PDF, 85.9KB)

Staff/Faculty Ally List (PDF, 93.8KB)

Bronze/Fundamental Level Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know the national and state policies that impact our student body: AB 540, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Immigration Executive Orders.
  2. Know the two primary resources on campus for immigrant students.
  3. Identify the four critical issues that the issue of immigration has on a student's everyday life and academic potential.

Silver/Intermediate Level Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know how immigration impacts mental and emotional health.
  2. Understand how to complete and submit the AB 540 affidavit on a college campus.
  3. Know the history of immigration and the DREAMer movement.
  4. Be aware of the legal reality of our undocumented students outside of campus.
  5. Know the main methods of advocating for students on a campus and state level.

Gold/Advanced Level Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the basics of financial aid available for undocumented students.
  2. Understand how to screen attorneys and report fraudulent businesses.
  3. Identify and develop processes of protecting students on campus from I.C.E. raids.
  4. Identify the critical issues to advocate for students on a state and national level.
  5. Understand the basic skills needed to mentor an undocumented student.