*As of 3/17/2020, CSUCI has transitioned to a virtual environment for all campus operations including all Student Success & Outreach Programs. All appointments will be conducted online via Zoom.

What is CalWORKS?

The CalWORKs, or "California Work Opportunities & Responsibility to Kids", Program is a state-mandated program that provides educational and training assistance to student-parents who are receiving TANF Benefits. The Program aids students in achieving long-term success through the attainment of higher education, which, in turn, promotes self-sufficiency and personal growth.


  • Development of Individual Training Plan (ITP)
  • Comprehensive Educational Plan
  • Signature Authority for Ventura County HAS Monthly Activity Attendance Record
  • Referrals to Other Student Services
  • Liaison with Employment Specialists (ES) Worker to Assist the Students

Contact Information

Venus Tamayo, M.S.
Assistant Director of Student Success Programs
(805) 437-3568

*For appointment, please e-mail or call.

Office Location: Student Success Center, Bell Tower 1512

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