Undocumented Student Services was established fall 2016 in the area of Retention, Outreach & Inclusive Student Services. Housed within the Multicultural Dream Center at CSU Channel Islands, Undocumented Student Services supports undocumented scholars in their pursuit of higher education. These services seek to provide caring, personalized resources and foster a supportive campus community dedicated to educational and personal success.

What is DACA? 

What is AB540?

What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)? (PDF, 99KB)

DACA Announcement: Top 5 Things to Know (PDF, 415KB)

Injunction for the Rescindment of DACA April 2018 (PDF, 172KB)

Services we offer: 

  • Undocumented Student Ally Program for faculty and staff
  • Workshops on scholarships, graduate school, know your rights and more
  • Help with the submission of the AB540 affidavit
  • Help with the submission of the California DREAM Act Application
  • Undocumented Student Stoling Ceremony

For information about these resources, please contact:

The Multicultural Dream Center, located in Bell Tower 1530, at mdc@csuci.edu or 805-437-8407.

If you are seeking additional support please contact our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) clinicians in Bell Tower East 1867. There is also a 24/7 counseling services line at 805-437-2088 (press option 1), that you can contact for further support.

Undocumented Student Ally Program 

Faculty and Staff on campus can choose to take part in our ally program to serve as allies to undocumented students on campus. The program offers three levels of training so that individuals can choose how involved they want to be and how much in depth knowledge they want. Students are able to identify allies by looking for "keys" posted around offices. View more information and a list of alliesRed key with butterfly symbol that states "Undocumented Student Ally"

Additional Resources

Student Information:

Community Resources:

Rescinding of DACA (information from before 1/9/2018) :

The Chancellors Office also provides regular updates and information on their website here

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