Overview of the PAR Process

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for:

  • Completing the Intent to Apply form
  • Providing RSP with information needed to complete and finalize the Proposal Administrative Review (PAR) forms
  • Delivering a complete proposal package, electronically (and in hard copy if requested) to RSP by the assigned internal review deadline
  • Maintaining availability during the Proposal Administration Review (PAR) process for telephone and/or email communication
  • Executing any revisions to the proposal requested or required by reviewers

RSP (in cooperation with the CI Foundation) will assign an internal review deadline to the Principal Investigator and oversee the scheduling/routing of the proposal to initiate the PAR process.  The PAR forms and complete proposal package will be routed for approval from RSP to: Program Chair(s), Director(s), Research and Sponsored Program administrator(s), Associate Vice President(s), Department/Division Vice President(s), and the Authorized Organizational Representative.

RSP will assign the reviewers as appropriate; provide each reviewer with a proposal package and approval form, and schedule a reasonable review period for comment and approval. Individuals who approve a proposal for submission via the PAR process have been authorized to certify different responsibilities at each level of review.  Therefore, it is important that the Principle Investigator or a designee is available to receive reviewer comments and respond to them in a timely manner.