CI Proposal Administrative Review Process (PAR)

To apply for a grant or contract at CI, all staff and faculty Principal Investigators must utilize the PAR process. The PAR process secures institutional approval prior to the submission of a grant or contract to an external funder via the University or the CI Foundation.

The PAR process for grant requests may take between 8 to 10 working days; however, contract requests will require additional time. Therefore, it is important that RSP is notified via the online Intent to Apply form well in advance of the grant or contract deadlines, preferably 3-weeks in advance. Timely completion of the Intent to Apply form enables RSP to schedule the appropriate level of internal review. RSP and the CI Foundation require a minimum of 3-weeks notice to provide appropriate proposal services and assistance.

Step 1 - Intent to Apply Form

Please click here for the

Intent to Apply Form

The online Intent to Apply form is the first step in initiating contact with RSP and the CI Foundation about a grant opportunity. This form is submitted immediately after researching and identifying a funding opportunity of interest (even if it is a year in advance of the deadline). RSP and the CI Foundation work in cooperation to determine the appropriate level of PAR review and assign the Principal Investigator (PI) an internal administrative review deadline.

In order for RSP and the CI Foundation to guarantee timely PAR approval and submission, a complete and final proposal package must be submitted to RSP by 4:00 p.m. on the assigned date for administrative review. All documents should be emailed to,, and

Any hard copy documents that require original signatures should be delivered to Jane Wanberg in Madera Hall #1304.

Step 2 - PAR Process Meeting

Upon submission of the Intent to Apply form, the Principal Investigator will receive communication from RSP or the CI Foundation to arrange for a meeting date to begin preparation for submission. In order for RSP and the CI Foundation to ensure that the proposal submission process is completed properly and to guarantee that no proposal is in jeopardy of being rejected by the internal reviewers and cognizant agency, it is important to plan for an initial meeting as part of the second step in the PAR process.

Please review RSP's Grants and Contracts Process Chart (PDF, 38KB) for more detailed information. 


If you have questions regarding how to apply for a grant or a contract, please feel free to contact us.