Share with Us

Staff of the Research and Sponsored Programs office want to know about your interests in research, scholarship, and creative activity.  Please contact one of us (e.g., by email) to relay your thoughts on possible projects or that "great idea" you have on the drive to work in the morning.  When we know your interests, we can scan the funding landscape for sponsored project opportunities and contact you when we find something that might align with your goals.

Another way to communicate with us, if you have a specific solicitation in mind, is to fill-out and submit our "Intent to Apply" form.

Intent to Apply Form

Submitting the form does not obligate you to apply for a grant.  But it does get you on the RSP work calendar, which is important if your solicitation's deadline occurs at a busy time.

Make Time Our Friend

For the staff to have time to help you put together a proposal that's as competitive as possible, you need to give us time.  The earlier you contact us about your ideas or your intent to submit a proposal, the more we can help.  The standard expectation is that you will contact us 30 business days before a proposal deadline.  That amount of notice allows us to work with you on developing your proposal.  With sufficient notice, RSP staff can help you with things such as:

  • reviewing proposal narrative and associated documents for clarity, message, etc.
  • obtaining exemplar proposal for similar projects, similar sponsors, etc.
  • working with other campus units to obtain documents, agreements, etc.
  • using the solicitation to create a helpful checklist of materials required by the funder.

In the unfortunate event that you notify RSP fewer that than 30 business days before a proposal is due, our ability to help you will be limited to drafting the budget, answering questions about the solicitation, and coordinating the Proposal Administrative Review process.

More complex proposals require more work to prepare, and we ask that you give RSP staff more advanced notice if you are interested in submitting such a proposal.  Things that make a proposal more complex include:

  • sub-awards to other organizations,
  • the involvement of individuals who are not CSU employees,
  • the involvement of numerous individuals (e.g., students, employees, associates), or
  • proposals that require institutional commitment (e.g., match, in-kind).

To secure the attention and support from RSP staff, fill out and submit the RSP "Intent to Apply" form.

Intent to Apply Form

Proposal Administrative Review

The University must review every sponsored project proposal prior to its being submitted.  Our review process is called the Proposal Administrative Review (PAR) process.  This review provides the PI with valuable feedback on their proposal and allows University staff to find errors that might affect the proposal's competitiveness or the University's ability to support the project if funded.  

Once a PI fills out and submits RSP's "Intent to Apply" form, the project will get a place on the RSP calendar and staff will schedule its PAR process with relevant University staff.

Intent to Apply Form