The University has many policies in place that affect sponsored projects.  This page lists some policies that are  especially applicable to Research and Sponsored Projects administration, but the list isn't exhaustive.  Other policies may affect the sponsored project that you are considering.  View an exhaustive list of University policies, organized by Division.

Senate and Academic Affairs Policies

  • Policy on Cost Allocation, Cost Recovery and Cost Sharing, AA.11.002.  [as of 24 Aug 2015, under revision] Provide guidance and structure when allocating and documenting costs (direct and indirect) for extramurally funded awards.  Serves to provide direction for budgeting, allocating and documenting costs, and cost sharing in accordance with federal guidelines and those of CSU & CI.  Establishes that costs be recovered for sponsored programs in accordance with funding agency requirements, and policies of CSU & CI.
  • Policy on Intellectual Property, AA.01.002.  The University is committed to providing an intellectual environment in which all members of the academic community - whether they are faculty engaged in life-long professional development, students pursuing educational objectives, or staff dedicated to their own career goals - learn to the fullest extent possible. The University also recognizes and values creativity and innovation as part of this learning process. Similarly, the University recognizes the importance of, and wishes to encourage, the transfer of new knowledge generated in the University to the private sector for the public good. At the same time, as a publicly funded institution, the University must be a good steward of the public resources provided to it, and must safeguard against the use of public funds for private gain.

  • Policy on Pre-approval of Institutional Grants, AA.01.004. To create consistent, collaborative and widely-understood guidelines for developing institutional proposals for external funding.
  • Policy on Principal Investigator, AA.11.003.  [as of 24 Aug 2015, under revision]  To determine the minimum qualifications, and normal responsibilities of Principal Investigators for Sponsored Programs beyond those imposed by the Sponsor. These qualifications include, but are not limited to, employment by the University or Auxiliary.
  • Policy on Research and Sponsored Programs Records Retention, AA.11.004/SP.13.014.   This document outlines the policy and procedures governing the retention and disposition of records related to grants and sponsored programs conducted under the auspices of CSU Channel Islands and its auxiliaries. This makes reference to existing federal and CSU guidelines as well as CI's fiscal records policy. This policy identifies records responsibilities of the following units: Research and Sponsored Programs Office (RSP), Business and Financial Affairs/Financial Services, principal investigators, and Staff assigned to assist PIs with sponsored projects
  • Policy on Principal Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest,  SP.14.005/AA.11.007.  To outline the institutional requirements for reporting and managing financial conflicts of interest related to research and sponsored programs.
  • Policy on Subrecipient Monitoring, SP.14.006/AA.11.008.  To outline roles and responsibilities for financial and programmatic monitoring of sponsored program funds awarded to California State University Channel Islands (CI) that are subawarded or subcontracted to another institution.
  • Policy on Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems, AA.01.005.  To provide guidance concerning the appropriate operation of and uses for unmanned aerial systems related to academic endeavors at California State University Channel Islands (CI). View more information about the use of unmanned aerial systems at CI.

RSP Procedures

  • Managing Faculty Minigrants and RSCA Awards (PDF, 146KB) .  This document describes how funds will be managed after awards are made and during the award period.  It is intended as a guideline for academic program analysts, school budget analysts, RSP staff and Academic Resources.

University Statements

The University has made several formal statements on issues that are important.  They can be found here (scroll to the bottom of the page).  Below is a short list of statements that are important for sponsored projects and the CI employees that lead them.