About the Newsletter

The Research and Sponsored Programs office is launching a quarterly newsletter to create a communication channel for news and useful information to support the research, scholarship and creative activities that our faculty members, students and staff are engaged in. This includes basic and applied research, scholarship, service projects, community engagement and creative expressions. This is the first issue in this series, and these newsletters will be distributed via e-mail to the campus community. It is intended to promote, support and recognize your efforts and keep it brief to accommodate your busy schedules.  We encourage you to contact us with any feedback suggestions so that we may serve you better and help you to be successful.

Grant Award Recognitions

During the last quarter the faculty members listed below received grant awards. Congratulations on your hard work in securing these grants and we wish you much success.

1.    Elnora Tayag from Broome Library received $2,000 from the Target Foundation for Children’s Reading Celebration at the Library.

2.    Karen Jensen, Director of the Nursing Program received an award for ~$193,000 from Health Resources and Services Administration to support the Nursing program.

3.    Kathryn Leonard, Professor of Mathematics received the National Science Foundation CAREER award for ~$417,000 to engage students in hands on research and also to relate the research to the real world applications through partnerships with the private sector.

4.    Don Rodriguez, Chair of the Environmental Science and Resource Management program received a $50,000 award from the CSU Chancellor’s office to develop and launch the Professional Science Masters degree in Coastal Sustainability.

Please note that often times the funding agencies notify the Principal Investigator directly about the award decision. Please let our office know as soon as you receive the award notification from the funding agency. This would allow us to facilitate setting the account for you in collaboration with Finance & Administration so that you may promptly begin your project.

Funding Your Idea

Once you have formulated your proposal idea the next step is to find an appropriate funding source for it. There are several funding sources; these include both internal and external sources.

Here is a brief list:
1. Federal or State Funding Agencies
      a.    Federal Agencies
      b.    University Systems, in our case it is the Chancellor’s Office
      c.    Other State Agencies

2.    Corporations

3.    Foundations

4.    CSUCI
      a.    Mini-grants program administered by the Faculty Development Office
      b.    Provost’s Faculty Resource Fund
      c.    President’s Summer Research and Scholarly/Creative Activities Awards

5.    Wealthy Individuals

Once you identify the funding source, you must make sure that there is an excellent match between your idea and the mission of the funding agency. In future newsletters we will talk about additional considerations before you start developing your proposals. Please do not hesitate to contact ORSP if you would like to learn more about any of the above funding sources.

Grant Writing Retreat

Last May the Research and Sponsored Programs and the Faculty Development offices collaborated in launching the first Competitive Grant Retreat. The goals were to offer faculty members the tools and strategies in developing competitive grant proposals and allowing participants time to work on their proposals with an opportunity for onsite mentoring in developing the proposed ideas, proposal outline and strategies and in some cases writing critical sections of the proposals.
This fall a similar program will be offered to the campus community. One day (Friday, September 10, 2010) a 2-hour workshop on tools and strategies, and the next day (Saturday, September 11, 2010) devoted to developing and writing proposals. If you are interested in attending either or both, please contact Ed Nuhfer or Sadiq Shah via e-mail.

Faculty Engaging the External Research Community

Last summer Sean Anderson from Environmental Science and Resource Management program identified a group of scientists from various universities around the country representing various disciplines, who will gather over the next year at specific times in Santa Barbara. They will conduct scholarly sessions on the Gulf Oil Spill implications and create a framework for outlining ecotoxicological impacts upon the Gulf communities. The goal of this multidisciplinary collaborative group is to integrate existing data from various sources and to drive the funding decisions at the funding agencies related to this topic. This effort is sponsored through the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) funded by NSF. Scientists at NCEAS use existing information to address important questions in ecology and allied disciplines. Hundreds of scholars, including Postdoctoral Associates, Center Fellows, and visitors in Working Groups collaborate at NCEAS each year on several projects.

You may contact ORSP for assistance with your proposal or visit our website

Sadiq Shah - 437-8898
Amanda Quintero – 437-3285
Bonnie Lanthier – 437-8808
Jane Wanberg – 437-8498