The Research and Sponsored Programs Advisory Committee (RSPAC) is a committee of five (5) at-large faculty constituted by the Academic Senate.  Its role is to advise and work with the Senior Research Officer in the development and expansion of research and sponsored programs activity.

The RSP Advisory Committee's responsibilities may include:

  • Recommending priorities to the Senior Research Officer
  • Developing and reviewing policies, sign-off procedures, and forms
  • Evaluating services and programs
  • Recommending faculty recognition programs
  • Advising on strategic priorities and initiatives

Members of the committee serve as a conduit for information between  the faculty of CSU Channel Islands and the Research Sponsored Programs Office, its staff, and the Senior Research Officer.  Together, we work to elevate the research, scholarship, and creative activity of of faculty, students, and staff, and make it visible to our external stakeholders.

RSPAC Members 2017-2018

Scott Pérez, Director, Research & Sponsored Programs (ex-officio)
Dr. Michelle Dean, Education (through Spring 2019)
Dr. Cynthia Flores, Mathematics (through Spring, 2019)
Dr. Colleen Harris, Library (through Spring, 2020)
Dr. Jackie Reynoso (through Spring 2020)
Dr. Melissa Soenke, Psychology, (through Spring 2019)