This page reports information about the 2017 SAGE Student Research Conference, the largest celebration of student research, scholarship, and creative activity in the conference's history.

For the Conference

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The conference schedule looked like this.

8:00am - 10:00amRegistration (Del Norte)
8:30am - 10:00amPoster Session A & Exhibits (Grand Salon)
9:30am-2:30pmNapa Hall Open House
10:00am - 11:00amKeynote Speaker (Del Norte)
11:00am - 12:30pmPresentations (Del Norte)
12:30pm - 1:30pmLunch (North Quad)
1:30pm - 3:00pmPoster Session B & Exhibits (Grand Salon)
3:00pm - 4:00pmAwards & Desserts (North Quad)

Pictures from the conference can be found on flickr.

Information on Conference Submissions

This year, the conference received a record number of proposals for presentations; there were over 347 students involved in presenting their work with 67 faculty mentors. Presentations included at least three exhibits, 36 oral presentations, and at least 162 poster presentations. Presentations come from 21 different disciplines. According to submissions received by the deadline, the number of presentations submitted by each discipline are shown below.

Environmental Science and Resource Management27
Computer Science8
Art - History5
Health Science4
Applied Physics4
Political Science2
Art - Studio2
Information Technology1
English - Writing1

Taking into account pre-registrations for the conference and on-site registrations, over 500 people attended and engaged in conference activities!

Outstanding Presentations

Every presentation at the SAGE Student Research Conference is the product of significant effort by the student and their mentor. It is the culmination of endless hours of inquiry, thoughtful reflection, and production. So the organizers of the conference make great efforts to celebrate all participants. But they also seek out those students whose projects that have extraordinary results, or who convey their projects in especially engaging ways. These projects are selected as 'outstanding' presentations at the conference by panels of judges. This year's recipients of the distinction are listed below.

Outstanding Oral Presentations

"What are the Psychosocial Predictors of Academic Success in First Generation University Students?"
By: Oliver Perez, Jeannette Herrera and Roby Ordonez
Mentors: Dr. Kimmy Kee-Rose and HyeSun Lee

"Scare Tactics: Do Captive Gibbons Respond Appropriately to Potentially Dangerous Stimuli?"
By: Tiffany Darden
Mentors: Dr. Colleen Delaney and Dr. Mathew Campbell

"Assessing the Effect of Game-Based Polynomial Activities"
By: Susan Milne
Mentor: Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk

"Gendering Crime: When the Criminal Becomes the Offense"
By: Caren Scott
Mentor: Dr. Robin Mitchell

Outstanding Poster Presentations

"An Intelligent Air Compressor"
By: Benjamin Ramirez, Alexander Barrick
Mentor: Dr. Brian Rasnow

"Ecological Segregation of Anna's and Allen's Hummingbirds Based on Habitat Preference"
By: Cale Osborn, Susana Morales, Shawna Brown, Rainey Burton, Kassandra Luke
Mentors: Dr. Allison Alvarado

"A Closer Look at the Macomb County Political Party Swing"
By: Matthew Costa, Kristen Godinez
Mentors: Dr. Selenne Banuelos, Dr. Cynthia Flores

"Let's Talk About Sex"
By: Ashley Rafael, Nikita Bhakta
Mentor: Dr. Carol Mack

"Long Term Monitoring of Erosion and Plant Succession on Santa Rosa, CA"
By: Jamie Masukawa
Mentor: Dr. Brett Hartman

"Meeting the Neighbors: Investigating the Stock Identify of Humpback Whales Seen in Local Waters"
By: Tori Thompson
Mentor: Dr. Rachel Cartwright

"Comparative Analysis of Clay Bodies with Regards to Shrinkage and Absorption"
By: Vivian Garcia, Dayana Huerta, Morgan Michelson
Mentor: Amiko Matsuo

"Historic Archaeology of the Oxnard Plain and the Unheard Voices of America's Agricultural Landscape"
By: James brewer
Mentor: Dr. Colleen DeLaney

"Human Robot Interactions"
By: Winter Smith, Jessica Perez
Mentor: Dr. David Claveau

Program for 2017

Below are documents with information about the schedule of poster presentations and the schedule of oral presentations. Participants and their mentors are strongly advised to review the schedule. Report any errors by email to

Please contact if should you have any questions.

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