In our endeavor to continuously provide responsive, flexible and dependable customer service, Student Business Services is pleased to offer Direct Deposits to CSU Channel Islands (CI) students as an option for receiving refunds. What this means is that instead of waiting for a check the University will directly deposit your funds into your bank account for you; the days of hurrying to the bank before it closes are over.

Direct Deposit is a great feature, which you will certainly like, because:

  • It’s faster – you will get your refund within days rather than a week or more.
  • It’s convenient – no check to wait for or deposit.
  • It saves money – no check cashing fee to pay.

Instances of possible refunds are financial aid, tuition overpayments, dropped classes or housing deposits. CI has partnered with Wells Fargo Bank for processing direct deposits to your designated checking or savings bank account.

Enrollment is simple: Please be prepared with your information regarding your checking or saving account; including the bank routing number and your account number. It’s critical that the information is accurate when your enter it.

Log onto MYCI, select CI Records, under Student Center; find the "Enroll in Direct Deposit" link. Enter banking information, agree to the terms and conditions and as easily as that, you are immediately enrolled in Direct Deposit. Please click here to view an instructional video on how to enroll in Direct Deposit.

We highly encourage students to take advantage of Direct Deposit as it will be extremely beneficial to you. For added information please check out our FAQ’s on this subject here (PDF, 34KB) or contact SBS at: 805-437-8810.