Students can only defer payment of tuition and other fees for the amount of anticipated aid on their account. If the account does not show anticipated aid by the due date, the student will be held responsible for paying the balance. If the aid posted does not cover the entire balance, the difference must be paid by the due date to avoid disenrollment from classes. Anticipated aid will only appear on a student account once all the necessary paperwork and acceptance letters have been returned to the Financial Aid office.

Students must allow for enough processing time for the aid to be posted. Financial aid will be processed based upon priority group. If you have submitted your FAFSA by March 4, 2013 and have turned in all required documents by May 31, 2013 you will be given priority standing. Students with priority standing will receive priority processing so their aid will most likely be ready by the fall due date. If you are not a priority student please plan to either pay your tuition and other fees in full or sign up for a TIPP.

CAUTION: If a student is not enrolled in enough units, he/she may have their aid reduced or cancelled. If a student drops classes, he/she may be required to pay a portion of his/her financial aid back. Students should check their financial aid status through their "myCI" account or contact the Financial Aidoffice at 805-437-8530. Students should not wait until the deadline to check on their financial aid.