Terms and Conditions

I hereby submit my application for the Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).

I understand and agree that:

  1. This contract applies only to tuition fees.
  2. I must pay a $33, non-refundable, service charge in order to use this payment plan.
  3. I am NOT eligible for this payment plan if: I have an outstanding debt owed to the University, or I have anapproved subsidy or waiver or if I have a history of late payments.
  4. I am NOT eligible for this payment plan if I am eligible for a Financial Aid Deferment. If I become eligible for financial aid AFTER I have registered using this installment plan, the total balance due will automatically be deducted from my financial aid award.
  5. If I increase my unit load from 6 or less units to 6.1 or more units, the additional fees will be due based on the Fee Payment Schedule as well as any installment payment then due.
  6. I am legally responsible for all amounts owing on the Channel Islands Tuition Installment Plan. If payments are not paid when due, a financial hold will be placed on my account plus a $25.00 late charge fee per late payment. Additionally, I understand I may be subject to disenrollment for non-payment.
  7. I must make my payments according to the schedule below. I will be responsible for checking my account via "myCI" on a regular basis to verify my amount due.
  8. If I fail to pay two or more payments on time, the University has the right to void this contract and immediately request payment in full. FURTHERMORE, it may result in my permanent ineligibility for future participation in this installment payment plan.
  9. If needed, the University has permission to release information concerning my debt to those parties that can assist them in collecting any amount past due.
  10. Any returned checks or disputed credit cards will nullify this agreement and accelerate the balances due for immediate payment.
  11. I will check my dolphin email on a regular basis for correspondences relating to this contract.
  12. The University may, in its sole discretion, apply any unused credits (i.e. fee reversals, third party contracts, overpayments on new charges, refunds, etc) that appear on my account in satisfaction of this installment agreement, even if I have made all prior payments under this | agreement when they are due.
  13. Once I accept this contract, I must adhere to the terms listed and it can not be revised.
  14. I understand this is a legal and binding agreement.

TUITION PLAN FEE $33 (non-refundable)

Associated Student Fees $75.00
Health Facilities Fee $3.00
Instructionally Related Activities Fees $60.00
Materials, Service & Facilities Fee $65.00
Recreation and Athletics Fee $70.00
Student Body Center Fee $162.00
Student Health Service Fee $95.00