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CI Corps is a community service initiative and collaboration between the Center for Community Engagement (CCE), the Federal Work Study program, ASI, Inc and CCE community partners. The program advances community service with student leaders by providing them employment opportunities at area non-profits, schools or the CCE to meet community needs in education, literacy, mentoring and volunteer recruitment.

CI Corps members:

  • serve 10-20 hours per week for 2- 4 years
  • begin their service by learning about the partner's strengths and needs, then gradually increase their responsibility by taking on leadership of programs, volunteer recruitment and training, and other efforts that increase the capacity of the community partner
  • align their service with their academic and career goals so that they graduate with the skills, knowledge and experience needed for graduate school or a career in their area of interest

The primary goals of the CI Corps programs are to:

  • build and support a network of community-committed students from CI in their academic, civic, and professional development while increasing their community involvement in meaningful ways
  • foster connections between the University, its students, and the community
  • provide pathways for CI students entering graduate school or the workforce

To advance these goals, the CCE provides biweekly seminars focusing on topics such as: civic and interpersonal development, graduate school, undergraduate research, and professionalism and public-speaking, as well as networking opportunities.

Meet Our 2017-18 Corps Members

  • Bianca

    Bianca Ayon

    Bianca Ayon is a senior and a first generation student. Bianca chose CI because she wanted to grow as part of a developing community. She is majoring in Early Childhood Studies and plans to graduate in 2018. After graduation, she would like to work with children with disabilities and help them become independent and active members of their community. She serves as an America Reads Tutor at the Camarillo Library assisting with their literacy programs and events offered in the children’s area. Her service is directly related to her academics because she serves children from different socioeconomic backgrounds with specific needs. She believes the community has given her many opportunities and it is important to her that she give back.

  • Christian

    Christian Berumen

    Christian Berumen is in his junior year studying Psychology. He chose CI because of the great environment and small campus. He is the first in his family to go to college and intends to continue on to a graduate program. He serves at El Centrito Family Learning Centers as an America Reads Tutor. He believes it is important to be involved in the community because it allows people to become more open minded and aware of the world around them.

  • Karen Castañeda

    Karen Castañeda

    Karen Castañeda is a senior and the first in her family to attend a four-year university. She is majoring in Psychology and Communication. She is on track to graduate May 2018. After graduation, she plans to continue her studies in Spain. She would like to start a hybrid organization that contains a nonprofit and business branch to help those with disabilities. Karen serves as an America Reads Tutor at the Camarillo Library where she supports literacy in children. The most satisfying parts of her service are supporting children's education and receiving a smile that lets you know they’ve finally understood a concept. Karen believes it is important to let every single child know that they have her full support, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or race.

  • Jocelyn

    Jocelyn Cumplido

    Jocelyn Cumplido is a freshman and the first in her family to go to college. She chose CI because the class sizes are small and she would be able to get to know her professors. She is majoring in Sociology and plans to graduate in Spring 2021. After graduation, Jocelyn wants to pursue a Masters in Social Work. She is an Academic Homework Support person at Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo. Jocelyn was interested in this position because of her past experience working with young kids. At the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo, she is able to use her experience to be a role model. From 7th grade through high school, Jocelyn was a part of CSU Fullerton's Gear Up program that helped low-income families reach higher education. There she met her mentor, Cindy Ponce. Jocelyn continues to look up to her because, like her, Cindy was a first generation student and now she has her Masters and is a counselor to students at Kennedy High School.

  • edith

    Edith Flores

    Edith Flores is a sophomore majoring in Sociology and Spanish. When she graduates in May 2020, she plans to become a translator or social worker. Edith serves at El Centrito Family Learning Centers providing homework support by creating and facilitating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities. Edith was interested in this position because she enjoys working with children as well as supporting the community. She believes it is important to be involved because it makes us more aware of the environment around us.

  • Nathalie

    Nathalie Huerta

    Nathalie Huerta is a senior and chose CI because of the small campus and accessibility of professors. She is majoring in Liberal Studies and Mathematics with plans to graduate May 2019. After she graduates, she will enroll in a credential program or apply for the Peace Corps. She would like to travel and explore different cultures and gain a new perspective. Ultimately, Nathalie would like to be a university professor. She currently serves as an America Reads Tutor at the University Preparation Charter School providing homework and reading support to children. The most satisfying part of her service is interacting with children, as well as getting tips from teachers on how to succeed when she has her own classroom. The most challenging part is working with children that are behind in their reading skills. Nathalie wants to become a teacher, preferably teaching 6th grade math and through her service experience, she has been able to see many different teaching styles. One teacher in particular, Mrs. Kent, has made a great impression. Nathalie admires how she helps students succeed by creating hands-on activities, rather than handing out worksheets.
  • Octavio

    Octavio Leon

    Octavio Leon is a junior and the first in his family to go to college. He chose CI because of the small campus feel, the proximity to home, and its great computer science program. Octavio is majoring in Computer Science and is also pursuing a minor in Mathematics. He plans to graduate May 2019 and will pursue a career in Cyber Security. His dream job would be at Netflix. He serves as an Academic Homework Support person at El Centrito Family Learning Centers. He assists young kids between the ages of 6 and 10 with math related problems as well as engaging them in STEAM related activities. One of his goals is to engage the kids in code related activities. Programming is an art and challenges you to think in a new way. He is excited to get the kids thinking differently!

  • Gerardo

    Gerardo Ortega

    Gerardo Ortega is a junior majoring in Psychology. He is the first in his family to go to college and chose CI because of the small school setting that will help him grow. He plans to graduate at the end of the Fall 2018 semester, then attend graduate school to further his goals of working with children and adolescents. Gerardo serves as an Academic Homework Support person at the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo. He was attracted to this position because of the similarities of previous jobs he’s held. He feels as though he can bring his past experiences to this site and contribute to his new environment.