Instructions for Homeowners

  1. Homeowner contacts University Auxiliary Services, Inc. (UAS).
  2. Homeowner is to complete the UAS Improvement/Permit Application and submit to UAS for processing.
  3. UAS forwards the completed Improvement/Permit Application to the Deputy Building Official at Department of Facilities Services (DFS) who will initiate the permit process. Permit fees will be billed per the approved permit fee calculator. Inspection will be billed at $80/hour.
  4. Upon Review/Approval of your application by DFS the signed application packet is returned to UAS with a copy of the Permit. The permit is considered the official notice to proceed.
  5. The permit will be forwarded to the Homeowner by UAS.
  6. Homeowner/Contractor contacts DFS for inspection via e-mail to Inspector Inspections will be conducted during business hours. Inspection Requests e-mailed by 2:00 pm on a business day will be scheduled the following business day. DFS will give the homeowner/contractor a 2-hour inspection window.*
  7. Upon completion of work, a signed copy of the Inspection Record Card and Certificate of Completion is sent to UAS. UAS will forward copies to Homeowner.

Fill out the application here: Property Improvement Application (PDF)

Find the permit calculator here: Building Fee Permit Calculator (MS Excel)

*If the homeowner/contractor makes an appointment for inspection and does not meet the inspector or is not ready for inspection or if the work is defective and inspector has to re-visit the site, the homeowner is liable for an $80 fee per visit to cover costs incurred by DFS