CI Leadership Definition

The CI Definition of Leadership was created to establish a consistent definition across CI that clarifies University expectations and allows students to explore leadership, discover their individual strengths and talents, determine their core values, and prepare them to be contributing citizens and leaders of society. The CI Definition of Leadership is:

With excellence and integrity, CI Leaders serve others, build community, personally flourish, and act in a positive and socially responsible manner.

Under the guiding values of excellence and integrity, the definition focuses on four attributes of leadership:

  • Serve: Leaders work with honor and commitment toward an end greater than themselves by adding value to the community.
  • Build Community: Leaders cultivate relationship which honor the diversity and needs of the community and work collaboratively with others to create and support sustainable change.
  • Flourish: Leaders thrive through ongoing learning, counsel and self-reflection so that they can make their best contributions and experience the greatest level of accomplishment and satisfaction from their efforts.
  • Act: Leaders must take initiative and be responsive in an ethical and responsible manner.

Leadership Education

We offer leadership education through workshops, one-on-one advising, seminars and leadership retreats. Training topics include leadership skill development, connecting leadership and career development, diversity, communication styles, and leading with emotional intelligence.

Leadership Presentations

We offer a range of leadership workshops by request. We look forward to working with students, staff and faculty across campus to facilitate presentations.

Presentation Topics:

  • Student Leadership Overview (15-minutes)
  • CI Leadership Definition (30-minutes or 1-hour)
  • Teambuilder Activity (30-minutes or 1-hour)
  • Explore Your Leadership Brand (30-minutes or 1-hour)
  • Improving Teamwork and Collaboration (1-hour)
  • Turning Emotions into Engagement (1-hour)
  • Leadership and Stress Management (1-hour)
  • Practical Diversity (1-hour)
  • Understanding Your Communication Style (1-hour)
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence (1-hour)
  • Leadership and Career: Love Your Future (1-hour)
  • Leading Courageous Conversations (1-hour)
  • Networking (1-hour)
  • Leading Diverse Communities (1-hour)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicators Personality Assessment Group Interpretation (Please email directly)

Presentation Request Form

Please submit your request a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the requested dates so we can schedule and customize our content to meet the needs of your group. For questions, please contact Kem French, Coordinator of Student Leadership Programs at: or 805-437-1669.

Leadership Retreat

The purpose of a leadership retreat is to educate students about the significance of understanding self, leadership, emotional intelligence, self-discipline, networking, and mentorship. Retreats are designed to build a foundation for effective, inclusive and innovative leadership. Retreats are facilitated in a multi-dimensional, intensive, energizing, and educational experience designed to motivated student leaders to stay active, involved and connected across campus and in our community.

Fall 2018 Retreat:

Date: September 21 - 22, 2018
Time:  TBA
Location: Off Campus (Overnight Retreat)

Leadership Recognition

Student Leadership aims to recognize the leadership achievements of students, and inspire others to find their way to make a difference in our CI community and beyond. The Annual Legacy Awards is hosted through a collaboration between Associated Students Inc. and Career and Leadership Development. The Legacy Awards: A Celebration of Leadership is CI's premiere recognition of students, student organizations, faculty, staff, and administrators who live the University mission through a commitment to student-centeredness, service, community and individual development. To learn more about the Legacy Awards, please visit the Legacy Awards Website.

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