Within the Division of Student Affairs, at CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI), assessment is undertaken to improve student learning and development; to improve the abilities and satisfaction of students, staff, and faculty; and to improve the design and delivery of university programs and services. The University also assesses the effectiveness of the process itself to ensure quality and foster an open culture of assessment.

As a Division, assessment is viewed as an iterative cycle, not an endpoint. It is seen as a continuous process that promotes program improvement, enhanced student development and learning, and informed decision-making, planning and budgeting. All members of the Division strive to embrace the inherent value that assessment brings to their work and readily communicate the evidence-based decisions that result from well-designed, intentional assessment efforts.

Aligning with the University Mission

Learning happens at many levels on the CSUCI campus. Aligning all DSA student learning outcomes and programmatic outcomes under the University Mission and Strategic Initiatives (PDF, 276KB), provides a compass that helps keep all components of the DSA programs moving in the same direction.

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