The Celebration of Excellence recognition program was created in 2002 as a venue for the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) at CSU Channel Islands (CI) to recognize and appreciate dedicated and loyal staff and administrators who contribute to the University’s and DSA’s success. This program is comprehensive in that it recognizes and rewards staff and administrators for their courageous, innovative, and unpremost promising 2018cedented efforts as well as their sustained excellence in fulfilling their responsibilities and service to the DSA and CI.

The sixteenth annual Celebration of Excellence was held on Thursday, June 7, 2018 in the Santa Rosa Village Courtyard. The 2018 awardees are listed below by award category.

Recognition Categories

The Celebration of Excellence recognition program encompasses the following awards: the Core Value Awards, the Spirit of Excellence Award, the Ekho Bobble Head Award, and the Pillar of Excellence Award.


The Celebration of Excellence Awards are presented to full-time employees within the Division of Student Affairs who have served in the Division for at least one full year (staff and administrators must meet this requirement by the nomination deadline). Award recipients are now eligible to receive the same award two consecutive years. Although an individual employee can be nominated for more than one Core Value Awards, employees can only receive one Core Value Award per year. Each award has specific nomination requirements and selection criteria.


Pillar of Excellence:

Recipients of this award must demonstrate the following levels of achievement: dedication and commitment to achieving the mission/purpose of the University, the Division, and their respective program(s)/service; exude a personal style and influence which motivates and inspires those with whom they interact; they must be able to perform their assigned tasks in an exemplary fashion while inspiring others to improve; they must demonstrate outstanding conduct and teamwork in the performance of their duties; they must be reliable, cooperative, and collegial toward achieving departmental, Division, and University goals and objectives; and finally, they must consistently serve as a “pillar” in Student Affairs while embodying the Division’s Core Values throughout the campus, state, region, and nation.

2018 Pillar of Excellence Award recipient: Dr. Angela Timmons.

Spirit of Excellence Award:

This award is presented to a maximum of two colleagues outside of the Division of Student Affairs for their unwavering commitment to student success, their efforts towards continuous collaboration, their can-do spirit, and their overall integrity.

2018 Spirit of Excellence Award recipients: Ms. Jennifer Moss & Chief Michael Morris.

Core Value Awards:

The Core Value Awards are presented to staff and administrators in the Division who exemplify one of five DSA core values: collaboration, commitment, diversity, excellence, and integrity. A maximum of one award for each of the DSA core values will be awarded annually. It is likely that employees nominated for one core value may also demonstrate strength in one or more of the remaining four core values.

Collaboration is defined as a cooperative or coordinated effort by a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Collaboration is exhibited through teamwork, working together, incorporating different perspectives, resources and responsibilities, communication, partnership, cooperation, group effort, open-mindedness, relationships, support, and trust.

2018 Collaboration Core Value Award recipient: Ms. Norma Lopez Magaña.

Commitment is defined as a willful promise to do or give something or being dedicated to a person or task; an engagement or obligation that compels fulfillment and may restrict freedom. Commitment is evidenced by dedication, loyalty, hard work, persistence, duty, responsibility, determination, follow-through, being ethical, keeping a promise, being devoted, and maintaining focus.

2018 Commitment Core Value Award recipient: Ms. Kristina Hamilton.

Diversity is defined as the incorporation of many different types or ideas; the inclusion of individuals representing more than one nationality, race, religion, economic position, sexual orientation, ability status, and political affiliations, to name a few. Diversity is characterized by different backgrounds and perspectives, multiculturalism, open-mindedness, acceptance, appreciating and celebrating differences, variety, culture, inclusion, knowledge, respect, uniqueness, learning, and understanding.

2018 Diversity Core Value Award recipient: Ms. Helen Alatorre.

Excellence is defined as being characterized as outstanding or extremely good; the state of excelling. Excellence is epitomized by high-quality work, going above and beyond, being or doing the best, hard work, merit, and dedication.

2018 Excellence Core Value Award recipient: Ms. Kari Moss.

Integrity is defined as the quality of being above reproach, having strong principles, and uprightness. Integrity is exemplified by honesty, ethical thought and behavior, trustworthiness, honor, loyalty, reliability, transparency, truth, values, doing what you say you will do, and doing what is right.

2018Integrity Core Value Award recipient: Ms. Louise Siefert.

The Ekho Bobble Head Award: This award is presented to one employee in the Division whom students believe best exemplifies the Division’s Core Values. This award is presented at the Student Assistant Celebration in April.

2018 Ekho Bobblehead Award recipient: Ms. Motoko Kitazumi.

For award criteria, definitions and the selection process, please view the DSA COE Award Criteria 2018 information sheet located on the S: Drive (path: S Drive\1 DIVISIONWIDE INFORMATION\5 EVENTS\CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE\Celebration of Excellence Award Information).

Share Your Achievements!

The DSA also recognizes the accomplishments and achievements of staff in the areas of education, awards, and presentations for the past year at each Celebration of Excellence. The 2017-2018 recognition information is available on the S: Drive (path: S Drive\1 DIVISIONWIDE INFORMATION\5 EVENTS\CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE\2018\Staff Achievements 2018). 

Event Photos

Photographs from the event are available in the COE Photos folder on the S Drive (path: S Drive\1 DIVISIONWIDE INFORMATION\5 EVENTS\CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE\2018\Photos). 


For questions about the above or for more information regarding the Celebration of Excellence, please contact Courtney Ellis, Staff Resources Specialist at 805-437-2091 or courtney.ellis@csuci.edu.