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Staff Recognition [top]

The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) at CSUCI is committed to recognizing professional staff and student assistants for their contributions to furthering the Division and University missions.

Professional Staff Recognition

Annually, the DSA hosts the Celebration of Excellence event, which was created in 2002 as a venue for the Division to recognize and appreciate dedicated and loyal professional staff and administrators who contribute to the University’s and DSA’s success. This program is comprehensive in that it recognizes and rewards staff and administrators for their courageous, innovative, and unprecedented efforts as well as their sustained excellence in fulfilling their responsibilities and service to the DSA and CSUCI.

The Celebration of Excellence recognition program encompasses the following awards: the Core Value Awards, the Spirit of Excellence Award, and the Pillar of Excellence Award. In addition to these awards, staff are recognized for their scholarly contributions to the profession in the form of presentations and publications.

The Celebration of Excellence Awards are presented to full-time employees within the Division of Student Affairs who have served in the Division for at least one full year (staff and administrators must meet this requirement by the nomination deadline).  Although an individual employee can be nominated for more than one Core Value Award, employees can only receive one Core Value Award per year.  Each award has specific nomination requirements and selection criteria.

Please visit the Celebration of Excellence web page for more detailed information regarding the event and award information.

Dr. Sawyer "Doc" Bobble Head Award

The Dr. Sawyer “Doc” Bobble Head Award is a student-selected award which is presented to one employee in the Division whom students believe best exemplifies the Division’s Core Values: collaboration, commitment, diversity, excellence and integrity.

Student Assistant Recognition

Each April, the Division hosts the Student Assistant Celebration to provide an opportunity for all DSA professional staff and administrators to recognize our student assistants and show appreciation and gratitude for their service and dedication to the DSA and CSUCI. Division staff further show their appreciation for our student assistants by volunteering at and supporting the event in various capacities. 

Student Assistant Hiring [top]

The Division of Student Affairs offers temporary employment opportunities to enrolled students at CSUCI, which can assist them in gaining valuable work experience. For specific details regarding student employment at CSUCI, please refer to the CSUCI Human Resources website

To apply for an on-campus employment opportunity, please visit CI’s Career Development Services website.

Student Assistant Training [top]

In order to prepare CI students for the professional setting upon graduation and to set expectations for their current employment position, the Division of Student Affairs has created a training initiative. This training provides student assistants with the opportunity to (1) strengthen relationships with their peers and professional staff, (2) develop their professionalism, and (3) attain a deeper understanding of their individual strengths and skill sets.

Two different training tracks have been established. The Red Track is for new student assistants and the Silver Track is for returning student assistants.

Graduate Student Assistant Program [top]

The Division of Student Affairs graduate assistantship program provides students professional development opportunities that enhance their academic experience in preparation for a full-time career in higher education. Please contact the Assessment & Strategic Operations office at for additional information.