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Why serve on a University committee? [top]

Serving on a University committee as a student representative has a multitude of benefits. These committees address important University issues and having a seat at the table allows for your voice to be heard and for you to contribute on behalf of your peers. Committee service is also a fantastic opportunity to gain service hours which assist in building your resume. The meetings you will attend and the work you will do provide networking opportunities with CSUCI administrators, faculty, staff, and fellow students. Join a CSUCI committee now and make a difference!

What kind of committees are there? [top]

There are an array of committees to serve on depending on your interests. The following information provides an overview of the various interest areas available for committee service.

  • Academic Issues (e.g., academic program and department planning, Institutional Review Board, intellectual property, University scholarships, etc.)
  • Advancement (e.g., alumni issues, Foundation Board, Commencement, etc.)
  • Diversity and Specialized Populations (e.g., multicultural engagement, equity issues, veteran affairs, accessibility, etc.)
  • Health and Wellness (e.g., intercollegiate athletics, Campus Recreation, student health, alcohol and other drugs, etc.)
  • Information Technology (e.g., accessible technology, IT policy and planning, marketing, etc.)
  • Student Leadership (e.g., Associated Students Inc., student success, Hank Lacayo Institute, Island View Orientation, etc.)
  • University Planning (e.g., strategic planning, facility development, space advisory, emergency operations, sustainability, etc.)

Sample List of Committees  (PDF, 175KB)

 Am I eligible to serve on a CSUCI committee? [top]

All enrolled students are eligible for committee service. Depending on the committee, certain academic and judicial requirements may apply.

If you have specific questions regarding your eligibility, please note them in your Student Interest Form, or contact the Committee Management Lead.

How do I let people know that I am interested? [top]

If you are interested in serving on a University Committee, please complete the Student Interest Form and the Committee Management Lead will contact you regarding next steps.

I am a CSUCI faculty/staff member, how do I request student representation for my committee? [top]

All recognized committees may submit a request for student representation by completing the Divisional Request for Student Representation Form.

Please note that requests take approximately two weeks to process; committees are strongly encouraged to submit their representation requests early to allow for adequate student recruitment and appointment.

Contact Information [top]

Ms. Christine Joyau
Analyst in the Dean of Students office
DSA Committee Management Lead