The Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board is a group of students comprised of undergraduate and graduate students reflecting the diversity of our campus, who will meet regularly with the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students to discuss new initiatives and emergent issues.  Student Government is represented on this board and works closely with the board to address student concerns.

This advisory board will be charged with providing deliberate input regarding out-of-classroom experiences, thoughts, ideas, concerns, and suggestions on ways to improve student success and student life, with an emphasis on minoritized, underserved and underrepresented students.

Meet the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board

Meetings and Expectations:

The advisory board meets at least monthly with Student Affairs administrators as well as other University leaders to discuss various issues related to the campus. The meetings are hosted by the Vice President for Student Affairs who requests input, opinions, and recommendations from student members who express different aspects of student interest. It is expected that the Vice President for Student Affairs Student Advisory Board members are well-informed on issues at the University, and they communicate with other students before and after meetings to gauge and convey campus-wide student opinions. These students may also be invited to represent and serve the University in various other capacities to enhance University life.


Board members will be appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs through an application process. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to student interests and a willingness to work with campus leadership to enhance the student experience. Priority will be given to students who demonstrate their ability to represent multiple identities, perspectives, life experiences, and roles at the University. We are currently not accepting applications, please check back later or email Leticia Dowd at leticia.dowd@csuci.edu.  


Students must be enrolled in classes at CSUCI (6 units for part-time and 9 units for full-time) during the term of service on the Board and be in good standing (academic (2.0 GPA) and judicial). Exceptions to eligibility are at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs.  

Contact Us:

Have questions about the advisory board? Please contact Leticia Dowd at leticia.dowd@csuci.edu .

Interested in Serving on Other University Committees:

For a full list of other campus wide committees seeking student representation, be sure to visit: go.csuci.edu/committees

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