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  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions that have made a formal, substantive commitment to sustainability by including it in their strategic plan. Institution’s current, formally adopted strategic plan or equivalent guiding document should include sustainability at a high level. The plan should also cover the entire institution.
  • Environmental Benefits: The strategic plan is the premier guiding document for an institution; it shapes the institution’s priorities and guides budgeting and policy making. Including sustainability at a high level in the plan signals an institution’s commitment to sustainability and may help infuse an ethic of environmental and social responsibility throughout the campus community.
  • Scoring: Institution earns the maximum of 6 points for including the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainability at a high level in the strategic plan. Partial points are allowed as follows:
    • 2 points for including the environmental dimensions of sustainability at a high level
    • 2 points for including the social dimensions of sustainability at a high level
    • 2 points for including the economic dimensions of sustainability at a high level

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Strategic Plan:

Strategic Initiatives Chart CSU Channel Islands does meet the criteria for this credit by addressing all three dimensions (environmental, social, and economic) of sustainability in the campus’ strategic plan.

California State University Channel Islands’ Strategic Plan 2008-2013 identifies four strategic initiatives: Student Access, Retention, and Success; Responding to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) Crisis; Environmental Sustainability; and Athletics.

The campus adopted the following definition to guide its sustainability efforts: “Sustainability focuses on dynamic relationships among the environment, economy, and society. Sustainability encompasses how environmental and ecological issues are intertwined with economic, social, and health wellness, and how human society’s actions interconnect with these issues. Being sustainable requires addressing these issues so as to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The campus also determined that "Sustainability research constitutes investigations that explore these relationships as well as inquiries focused on topics within natural resources that inform current and future status and use may be considered as lying within the realm of sustainability research."

Take a look at the 2008-2013 strategic plan (PDF) .

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Dan Wakelee: Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs

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