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About Dropbox@CI

The Division of Technology & Innovation (T&I) is excited to announce that CI has chosen Dropbox@CI (powered by Dropbox Business) to be our new file storage system. Dropbox@CI will enhance the security of our file storage; improve our internal and external collaboration; help to simplify the way we access files while working remotely or traveling; and replace our existing personal H drive (Homeshare) infrastructure.

Benefits of Dropbox@CI

Many of you may already be using Dropbox personally or at home, and some may be using it for work. 

With Dropbox@CI, all faculty and staff will now have:    

  • nearly unlimited online storage space
  • remote access to your work files without VPN
  • easy file sharing and collaboration tools
  • the ability to recover deleted files and previous versions

Implementation Timeline

During spring 2017, T&I successfully piloted Dropbox@CI with several campus units (Library, Extended University, Human Resources, and University Advancement), and began migrating all remaining faculty & staff accounts starting in the 2nd week of April 2017. We have made a significant progress throughout summer 2017. 

T&I has extended the deadline to complete the H drive migration to Dropbox@CI to October 2, 2017. Please note that Network shared drives (G drive, Z drive, etc.) will not be affected during this migration phase. 

Dropbox@CI Usage Guidelines and Information Security

Certain kinds of data should not be stored in Dropbox@CI. Users of this new service must comply with T&I business practices, CSU policy, and state and federal laws regarding proper storage, usage and disposal of confidential and sensitive data.  Please review BP.03.011 - Business Practice for Public Cloud Storage and Enterprise File Sync and Share and the CSU policy on Information Asset Management for more details about appropriate data storage practices for Dropbox@CI. 

Dropbox@CI - Self Help and other resources

Couldn’t find what you were looking for or have an issue you need help with?  You’re in luck: we’ve created content just for you based on common issues faced by Dropbox users.

Go to Dropbox@CI-Educate and Self Help

Dropbox business users official guide from Dropbox

Dropbox business users official support page

Dropbox@CI Training

Self-paced training is available here: 

Dropbox video-based training for CI users (1hr8min)

"Learning Dropbox" free video-based training through Lynda.com (1hr1min) 

For in-person training for small groups, please contact project manager Asha Ramachandra at asha.ramachandra@csuci.edu.

Latest Dropbox@CI News

For latest Dropbox@CI news, please visit the T&I News blog


Please contact project manager Asha Ramachandra at asha.ramachandra@csuci.edu with any questions or concerns about this migration project or about this new service.