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How long does the training take?

Each user’s experience will vary and the length of the module is dependent on whether you are a continuing or new student as of this academic year. Due to legal requirements under the federal Campus SaVE Act, new students are required to take a training module featuring content that will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to go through. Continuing students, i.e. those students who have been required to complete online training in prior academic years, will complete a 25 minute "refresher" module.

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What if I already took an online “Not Anymore” training module last year?

State and federal mandates and Executive Orders 1095 require training for all students once per academic year. New students will be assigned to complete Title IX Training during their first semester. In cases where a student is returning to campus after taking one or more semester breaks, training will be assigned during their first semester back. Students are expected to complete refresher training every academic year.

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How can I verify whether I have satisfied my annual training requirement?

Students who have satisfied an online training requirement have the ability to download and save a certificate of completion for their records. This information can also be verified in the Student Success portal when you log on using your CI credentials. Remember that if you are a continuing student, you will be able to see your progress for both last year’s and this year’s assignment.

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Which students at CI must complete the training?

All current students, including graduating seniors and graduate students, must complete the online training by October 13 for fall semester. There will be no extensions granted, absent extraordinary or emergency circumstances (which must be supported with appropriate documentation). Any students who are past due meeting the requirements for last year’s training are also responsible for completing their outstanding assignment by this date.

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What will happen if I do not complete my Title IX training assignment by the assigned deadline?

Any enrolled student who does not complete this brief online training assignment by the due date will have a hold placed on their student account that will prevent them from at a minimum, registering for any courses in a future semester (including Spring 2018) until the requirement is satisfied. Note that CI (and all other CSUs) have been authorized under state regulations to place registration holds to enforce compliance of this legally mandated training requirement. Students will be notified if a hold is placed in typical fashion when communications regarding registration appointments are sent out in November for spring registration and late March for fall registration.

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A hold was placed on my account because I did not complete my training. How can I get it removed?

The only way to have the hold removed for failure to comply with the online training requirement is to complete the module assigned to you.

IMPORTANT: CI will be receiving the data regarding student completion of training requirements through its training vendor, Student Success, in a secured, automated manner. Therefore, if you have a hold placed because you miss the deadline, you will not be able to contact CI offices to successfully request that a hold be removed—the campus must receive authentication from the vendor and personnel at the campus offices will not be able to expedite the process to assist you. CI’s internal records will be updated regularly to reflect which students have satisfied the training requirement(s), but note that it could take up to three (3) business days for your completion to be recorded by the campus. Be aware that any related holds will not be lifted from your account automatically upon your completion of the training. It is your responsibility complete the training(s) as soon as possible.

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I don’t have time to complete the module in one sitting. How do I log back in to the training after I’ve initially registered?

Your progress will be saved in each session you are logged in for. Please go to your Student Center in MyCI and click on the link entitled "Mandatory Title IX Student Online Training" to pick up where you left off from your last sign-on.

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What if the content is particularly upsetting to me or I have concerns about completing this program due to past life experiences?

The content of this online program contains some sensitive material involving sexual violence prevention.
If you need support while completing the training, please refer to our Resources page for a list of both confidential and non-confidential resources, on and off campus. If you are a survivor of sexual violence, have concerns regarding this training, or you would like to request an alternate training, please contact the Title IX office at Note any alternate training assignments are designed with the intent for students to be able to complete the training within the time period proportional to the length of time of the online module they are assigned.

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What if I need Technical Assistance while using the "Not Anymore" program?

If you have difficulties while using the “Not Anymore” program, click the HELP button at the top right of the program window, or contact Student Success via email at Be sure to provide your student ID#, first and last name and the best way to reach you. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

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What security measures are in place to protect my personally identifiable information (PII) that I am asked to provide in order to complete the program?

CI’s Information Security team has thoroughly reviewed the technical components of Not Anymore and approved the program for student use based on the strength of the security measures utilized. Additionally, Student Success has provided the following information regarding the limited personal information you are asked to provide so CI can verify your participation:

All PII and training progress data (i.e. videos watched, tests completed, scores, etc.) are stored separately from actual response data. All response data is indexed via an anonymized value that is linked back to a student via an encrypted key. The only time that the response data is presented combined with PII is during the actual training session while the student is logged in. The combined response data/PII exists strictly within computer memory and is never written to disk. As soon as the student logs out or their session times out, the link between response data and PII is severed. From that point on, no data that contains sensitive information, such as demographics, sexual identity, and religious identity is ever prepared, stored or released in conjunction with PII.

For more information on how student data is handled with the Not Anymore training, please visit,

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Will I have to complete a pre or post-test survey about my personal opinions or experiences related to sexual misconduct what I learned?

No, there are no survey components in the program that ask students about their personal experiences or opinions related to the training topic itself. However, students do have the option to provide Student Success and CI anonymous feedback regarding their opinion about the effectiveness and usability of the "Not Anymore" online module. Please know CI reviews all feedback, which will be used to shape future training decisions on the campus related to this area.

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Why is participation in this training program required?

Federal and state law requires that colleges and universities must provide their students with training on sexual violence prevention in their campus communities. The CSU has incorporated these requirements into its Systemwide policies under CSU Executive Orders 1095, rev 6-23-15.

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Why do I keep getting emails from Student Success/Not Anymore?

Student Success will send reminder emails until the training is complete. You may also receive follow-up emails which highlight key program information.

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I did the training and now realize I want to report an incident of sexual or relationship violence at CI and/or involving CI community members to the University. What should I do?

Please contact Jean Estevz, CI’s Interim Title IX Coordinator at 805-437-2077 or Any student can report incidents that occur on or off-campus, regardless of whether they are a housing resident or someone who commutes to campus. Also, an incident can be reported regardless of how long ago it may have occurred and even if the incident did not involve the student personally. CI responds to every report it receives.

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