Scope of Work in Support of our Mission include:

  1. Instructional and Research Consultation and Support
    • Transforming Course Design Through:
      • Online courses
      • Hybrid courses
      • Web-enhanced courses
      • Traditional courses
      • Ideas and resources for course transition (Computer Sci/Nursing & other programs currently using online courses
    • Improving Teaching and Learning By:
      • Partnering to develop best practices through technology, training, seminars & workshops
      • Collaborating & sharing successful technology integration strategies, such as a Technology Showcase
      • Consulting to create online sharing communities
    • Other Resources to support instructors include:
      • Technology Resource Center
      • Digital Library Services
      • Media Equipment Checkout
      • Technology assistance for Research and Grants
  2. Implementation and Innovation
    • Provide customized, scalable, sustainable and compliant technology processes, solutions, and multimedia by seeking and facilitating novel approaches
  3. Stewardship Through:
    • Maintaining current systems/equipment
    • Compliance with regulations (508)
    • Enable developed items to be used by ‘next generation.”

Services in Support of our mission include:

  • Online Course Design with CI Learn
  • Technology Selection and Evaluation
  • Online/Hybrid Course Redesign
  • Instructional Interactive Media Design and Creation
  • Digital Photography
  • Scanning
  • Digital Conversion of Audio/Video
  • Digital Media Archiving
  • Video Production and Streaming
  • Audio/Podcast Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing/Reproduction
  • Instructional Websites
  • Flash/Interactive Media Design
  • Web Surveys and Polls
  • Training and Consulting
    • CI Learn 
    • Graphic Design
    • Dreamweaver
    • Web Accessibility
    • Respondus
  • 508 Accessibility Compliance & Retrofitting

Our Staff

  • Jill Leafstedt, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning/Senior Academic Technology Officer Services
  • Michael McGarry, Instructional Technologist
  • Kristi O'Neil, Academic Technology Support
  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Instructional Technologist for Online & Blended Learning
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