This guide will provide a walkthrough of how to upload a video into ShareStream Pick-n-Play so that your students can watch it in CI Learn.

Uploading Media to CI Learn

  1. From within your course, click Tools on the course menu and then scroll down until you can click ShareStream Pick-n-Play.
    ShareStream Pick-n-play link within CI Learn
  2. Once ShareStream Pick-n-Play opens, click My Workspace (the second tab on the right of the video player).
    My Workspace tab within ShareStream
  3. Within the My Workspace tab, click Upload Media (which is directly below the Course Collection tab) to open the Upload Media Window.
    Upload media button within ShareStream
  4. Next, you will need to add the video to the Upload Media Window by dragging and dropping the file over the green Drop/Click to Select Media File area or click the area to select the specific file you want to upload.
    Upload media window within ShareStream
    Be sure to Title your Media before clicking Add Media at the bottom of the window.
  5. Once the upload is complete click No to continue or Yes to add more files.
    Add more files dialogue box within ShareStream

Adding Media to CI Learn Course

  1. The video will now appear under the My Workspace tab. You will know that it has finished transcoding when you see the check box in the top right corner of the media.
  2. Check the box and then click Add to Course. You will then be prompted to select the destination folder and click OK.
    Checkbox and Add to Course link within ShareStream
    Destination folder dialogue within ShareStream
  3. Next, click the Course Collection tab and you will notice the video is processing. It may take a couple seconds to appear and the processing time depends on the length of the video.

Congratulations, you have now successfully added your video(s) to your CI Learn course!!