CI Has Moved to Canvas!

Why Canvas?

In Spring 2016, three LMSs were evaluated as part of a CSU system-wide evaluation. Canvas outperformed the other two systems. Members of the T&LI team at CI were part of the evaluation team and believe that Canvas will be a good fit for CI. For students, Canvas offers an enhanced, contemporary learning experience. For faculty, Canvas offers superior performance in terms of ease-of-use, analytics, grading, course migrations and openness. During the Spring 2017 semester, CI conducted a Canvas pilot.


Spring 2017: Canvas Pilot (10 courses, 300 students)
Fall 2017: Partial Implementation of Canvas (Faculty opt-in to Canvas)
Spring 2018: Campus-wide adoption
February 1st 2018: Blackboard materials will no longer be retrievable

Getting Started

Teaching & Learning Innovations is offering multiple opportunities for you to learn about Canvas. In addition to the robust Canvas Guides available online, we will be offering online and in-person learning opportunities.



- Some information sourced from CSUN


Michael McGarry, Instructional Technology Lead