The Hypothesis pilot is being conducted in order to explore how the tool can be effectively used in courses and also to test and improve the tool's integration within Canvas. It will span the duration of the Spring 2019 semester involving 12 instructors.


As part of the pilot, the participating instructors will participate in a kick-off webinar hosted by Hypothesis' Director of Education, Jeremy Dean, use Hypothesis at least once in their course(s), attend one check-in meeting, and complete a post-pilot evaluation. While one use of Hypothesis is all that's required of the pilot, additional use of of the tool is encouraged, of course.


February 11th @ 10:00AM: Kick-off webinar - Zoom recording
March 5th @ 12:00PM: Check-in Meeting #1 via Zoom
April 23rd @ 12:00PM: Check-in Meeting #2 via Zoom
May 1st: Post-pilot evaluations will be sent out
May 17th: Post-pilot evaluations due

One-on-One Support/Discussion with Jeremy

As part of the pilot, Jeremy at Hypothesis is available for one-on-one support and discussions throughout the semester. This partnership is aimed at providing an engaging teaching tool with direct support and feedback from Hypothesis. You can schedule a meeting with Jeremy any time by clicking the button below.

Schedule a Meeting with Jeremy

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