Content No Longer Accessible (Error)

  • Description: There is a known issue that can cause a content area link to be rendered unusable and returns an error. This is caused by having a TurnitIn assignment with the same name as another Blackboard assignment in a content area.
  • Solution: Be sure to give TurnitIn assignments and Blackboard assignments unique names when creating them.

Problem Accessing Folders  

  • Description: Students have been having problems accessing folders within their Blackboard courses using IE. This problem was reported by student users and has been reported to Blackboard
  • Suggestions:
    • Students: Use an alternative browser such as Firefox
    • Instructors: This problem has been associated with code generated by Microsoft Office documents. (Word, Powerpoint, etc.) As an alternative to uploading MS Office documents, copy content of a document to a plain text editor, such as Notepad, and then copy text from Notepad into Blackboard's Virtual Text Box Editor when possible.

Problem Using GradeCenter  

  • Description: Instructors have reported that in GradeCenter the last student in the roll is not always listed. This problem has been verified on both PC and Mac platforms using IE and Firefox as the browser.
    Blackboard has confirmed the problem and has not given a timeline on when the problem will be resolved.
  • Suggested Workaround: When using GradeCenter, set the zoom to smaller than 105% (Ctrl + - or Cmd + - on Mac)