Information for Internet Explorer 7,8, and 9

To be able to enter a Blackboard Collaborate Session via Internet Explorer, the Blackboard Collaborate Adapter needs to be downloaded. If Internet Explorer is being used, a setting may need to be adjusted. Users of Firefox, and Safari will not need to make any adjustments to access the adapter and launch a Blackboard Collaborate session.

If Internet Explorer is used to access a Blackboard Collaborate session via Blackboard and the user is redirected back to the course page, then one of two Internet Explorer techniques can be used to prevent this. An Internet Explorer setting can be changed, or the “Launch Session” button can be right clicked on to open the link in new browser tab.  

Access an Blackboard Collaborate and Download the Adapter

  • To access an Blackboard Collaborate session and download the adaptor, login to Blackboard.
  • In Blackboard, navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate sessions
  • Right click on the session and select "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window"

Open in New Tab or Open in New Window

  • If the session download doesn't start, click on the "Session Manually" button to start.

Launch Session Manually

  • If you're using Internet Explorer, you may notice a drop-down bar at the top of your screen that says the files were blocked from being downloaded. Click the drop-down.  In Internet Explorer, you may also notice a message to open or save a .jnlp file.  Select the Open option.

Internet Explorer popup warning

  • Select "Download File..."

Download File 

  • Once the file has been download, the Blackboard Collaborate session should launch

  • Configure Internet Explorer to access Blackboard Collaborate
  • Open Internet Explorer and click Tools -> Internet Options

Internet Explorer Tools 

  • Select the "Security" tab and then click "Custom Level..."

Custom Level

  • Navigate to the Downloads area and then select "Enable" under "Automatic prompting for file downloads"

  • Click OK
  • Click "Yes" on the security warning

Security Warning

  • On the next window, click "Apply" and then click "OK"
  • Navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate and wait for the session to launch. If the session download does not start, click on the "Session Manually" button