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Running the Audio Setup Wizard

  • Click Tools -> Audio -> Audio Setup Wizard...
  • Select the device that will outputting audio (i.e.: speakers) then click OK
  • Click the Play button and adjust your speaker volume to the desired level. Then click "Stop."
  • Click "Yes" to confirm your settings, otherwise click "No" and readjust accordingly
  • Next, select the audio recording device (i.e.: a microphone) that will be used and click OK. Note**If you do not have a microphone, disregard this section.
  • Choose "Single Talker" or "Multiple Talkers" then click the "Record" button and speak into the microphone. Adjust the slider accordingly so that it close to the middle when you are speaking. Click "Stop" when you're done.
  • Click "Play" to play back what you just recorded, then click "Stop"
  • If the volume level sounded good, click "Yes." Otherwise, click "No" to readjust the recording level.
  • The audio wizard is now complete. Click OK to close it. 

  Activating the Teleconference Phone Bridge

  • Navigate to the Teleconference area but selecting the audio options drop down next to the microphone input.

 Audio tool bar options              Audio Options

  • The teleconference will then be connected

Audio Choices

  • Select the "Connect Session To Teleconference" option
  • Now, participants can call in by clicking the telephone icon and dialing the displayed phone number, followed by the pin. Note** Users may incur a charge from their phone service provider by using the phone service provider.

  Using the Audio Features in Blackboard Collaborate

  • Click the talk button to enable participants to hear what you're saying

 Talk Button

  • You'll notice that the talk button now shows a blue colored microphone icon when it is active.

 Talk Button On

  • The small microphone icon next to a participant's name will also change visually Microphone Activeso you can see who is speaking
  • Click the talk button again when you're done speaking

  Using the Web Video Features in Blackboard Collaborate

  • You can enable and disable web cam ability by clicking the "Video" button in the audio / video area.

 Webcam Video Button

  • You can also set the maximum number of simultaneous web cams by clicking Tools -> Video -> Maximum Simultaneous Cameras. Blackboard Collaborate allows a maximum of 6 active video screens at once.
    • Adjust the slider to the how many cameras you want to allow, then click OK.
  • To transmit video select the "Video" button and the button icon will show a red indicator.

Webcam Video Active

  • To stop transmitting video, select the "Video" button again.

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