Pre-creating content is a useful practice that allows you to import and reuse predefined content across multiple Blackboard Collaborate classrooms.

Pre-Uploading a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Click the "Load Content" icon Load Content Button
  • Choose which screen you want the presentation to be loaded into
  • Click OK
  • Locate the presentation that you wish to import
  • Click "Open"
  • Your presentation will then be uploaded. Be patient as this may take some time depending on the size of the presentation. Once it's been uploaded, it will be available on the whiteboard screen.

  Pre-Uploading Images

  • Click the "Load Content" icon Load Content Button
  • Locate and select the image that you want to use, then click "Load"
  • Place the image wherever you wish on the whiteboard

Managing and Arranging Whiteboard Content

  • Open up the "Page Explorer" window by selecting the "Navigation Option Menu" in the upper right area.  Then select "Page Explorer"

Navigation Option Menu Button  Show Page Explorer Button

  • You'll see the Page Explore Screens window appear. This window contains all your screen groups and their contents in a collapsible tree format.

Page Explorer Screens

  • You can view the contents of a screen group by clicking the plus icon next to the screen group's name
  • With the screen group expanded, you can rearrange its contents by clicking and dragging an item to a different location in the tree
  • You can also delete items by simply clicking the item and pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard
  • Close the window when you're done rearranging your content

Saving Whiteboard Content for Future Use

  • Click File -> Save -> Whiteboard
  • Select which screens to save
    • Current Screen Group:saves the entire group (ideal for presentations or sets of images)
    • Current Screen:saves only the current whiteboard screen
    • Selected Screens: allows you to choose which screens to save
  • Click OK
  • Navigate to where you want to save the file on your computer Note**It is advised that you save the file somewhere that is easily accessible to you when you conduct your Blackboard Collaborate sessions
  • Enter a file name (i.e.: Images)
  • Click Save
  • Repeat the process for any other screen groups you may have prepared. As previously noted, keeping separate screen groups for different media types is beneficial for easier navigation and later use

Loading Whiteboard Content

  • Click File -> Open -> Whiteboard
  • Choose where you want to insert the screen and click OK
  • Click the "Files of type:" drop-down menu and select "Whiteboard Files (*wbd)"
  • Select a whiteboard file and click "Open"
  • Your previously created content will now be available in the current session

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