Showing a Website

  • Click the "Web Tour" icon on the top tool-bar Web Tour Button
  • Enter the URL of the website that you wish to share in the resulting dialog window
  • The site will then be shared in the Blackboard Collaborate Whiteboard area
  • Use the back and forward arrows as you would in any other web browser to help navigate through the site

Using the Whiteboard

  • On the left side of the whiteboard screen, you'll see the various tools that you can utilize in the whiteboard.

Whiteboard Tools

  • Breakdown of whiteboard tools:
    • Select tool: allows you to select, move, and resize various elements
    • Magic star: allows you to select complex shapes and parts of images easier
    • Eraser: allows you to clear the whiteboard
    • Pen: allows you to draw free-hand 
    • Highlighter: same functionality as the pen tool but with a highlighter type stroke
    • Text tool: allows to you to enter text on the whiteboard
    • Shape tools: allow you to create the specified shapes on the whiteboard. The outline shapes create simple outlines of the shapes while the filled shapes will produce solid filled shapes. 
    • Camera tool allow you to take a screen capture.
    • Clip-art: opens the Blackboard Collaborate clip-art library allowing you to place various images on the whiteboard

Application Sharing

Application sharing allows you to share your interactions within an application or even a specified region of your screen.

  • Click the "Application Sharing" icon on the top tool-bar Application Share Button
  • You can either choose an application from the resulting list, or you can share your entire desktop.  To share an application the application must be open already before selecting the application sharing tool.

Aplication Share Options

  • To stop application sharing, exit out of the shared application or select the whiteboard tool. Whiteboard Tool

Presenting and Navigating a PowerPoint Presentation

  • To load a PowerPoint presentation, click the "Load Content" icon located in the upper left area Load Content Button
  • Locate the PowerPoint file you wish to load and click "Open"
  • The PowerPoint will then be imported. Be patient as this process may take a few minutes depending on the size of the presentation being loaded.
  • Your presentation will now be visible in the Blackboard Collaborate classroom
  • Navigate through the presentation using the arrows on the top of the screen Arrows
  • Alternatively, you can also use the drop-down menu to the right of the navigation arrows to navigate to a specific slide if you wish. 

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