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Step One: Create a new Respondus file
Step Two: Set point value
Step Three: Create Questions
Step Four: Don’t forget to save your file for uploading to multiple courses later

Step One:

  1. Open Respondus program, under Start tab
    1. Choose "Blackboard 7.x - 9.x" as the current personality
    2. Click “Create” tab
    3. In the pop-up window, give the name of your file, choose the type of file and click Ok

Step Two:

  1. Set Value Point for quiz question

    In Respondus, from File menu -> click Preferences
    You will get the following window. Click Edit & Publish tab -> set the Value Point and click Ok

Step Three:

  1. Create questions
    1. Open the file you just created
    2. Choose the type of question you’d like to create
    3. You can copy questions from another file
    4. Check the Randomize answers can help to prevent student sharing answers
    5. Don’t forget to save the questions

Step Four:

  1. Don’t forget to save your file for uploading to other courses or modifying later
    1. File Menu -> Save
    2. Your quiz file will be saved on your local computer
    3. Next time when you open Respondus, click open tab you will be able to locate the file you saved before

Your quiz is now ready to publish