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  1. Getting ready to publish your quiz
    1. With your quiz open, click the "Preview and Publish" tab
    2. Click the "Publish to Blackboard" option then click the "Publish Wizard" button
    3. On the resulting dialog, choose "add new server"
      New server dialog
    4. Choose "No, I want to enter the server settings manually" then click Next
  1. Publish files
    1. Copy the URL from the myCI login page and paste it into the first field. “1” in the image below
    2. In your browser, go to a Blackboard course that you are the instructor of
      1. Copy the URL in the browser address bar
      2. Paste it into the second field. “2” as in the image below
    3. Click the “Extract” button
    4. Type in a description for the connection
    5. Type in your User name and Password 
    6. If you work on your personal computer, you may check the box to remember your log in, and then you will not need to type them in for later use.
      Blackboard Server and Course dialog box.
    7. Choose the course from the drop down list
    8. Click “ Create new Exam” to upload a new exam
    9. Check “Apply settings to Exam” to use the predefined test settings in your Blackboard course. This is checked by default.
    10. Click the content area you’d like to add the quiz to
    11. Check the quiz in your Blackboard course