Good afternoon my name is Dennis Slivinski. I’m a lecturer in the mathematics program and in the business and economics program.

I wish to discuss the methodology for creating weighted grades in Blackboard so that you have the opportunity to assign different weights for tests and or other assignments that you deem to be more important than others.

The objective is to list various components and calculate a weighted grade assigned to each of the different components. In my particular situation, I was concerned with eliminating the lowest of 4 tests and having 3 tests count as 75% of the grade and have a separate writing assignment count as 25% of the grade.

In order to accomplish this I proceeded to the Blackboard Grade Center and opened the category choice in the Grade Center Management column. It’s the third from the left and you can see it highlighted here. The next step was to create a category, in my case, I wanted to drop the lowest of test 1 through test 4, and then I clicked add calculated column and created a weighted column. I chose a recognizable title, for example “Weighted Percentage Final Grade.”

In the third step, in the primary display entry box, I chose percentage and then selected from the list of columns and categories I had already created. In this particular situation I clicked on the column assignment 1, which was the 75% weight to the highest of the 3 test, and the 25% weight to the draft essay. The ultimate result was a weighted grade in the final percentage column which assigned 75% to the highest 3 tests and a 25% weight to the writing assignment.

Naturally your categories would be different depending on the types of skills that you are assessing. You should advise the students that the weighted percentage is different mathematically than the arithmetical average. So the don’t add up the total points that they achieved and divide it over the maximum possible. That would result in a different grade than the weighted grade.

That concludes our analysis of the weighted grade in Blackboard.